Here you can use names and birds, and join the island!

Choose a Name!Edit

Choose a name for your bird. Use a fake name, so you don't reveal personal information.

Example: John the Orange Bird

Choose a Bird!Edit

Choose your favorite bird.

Example: Thomas the Black Bird

Choose a nickname!

Example: "Chuck" for Charles

Multiple Birds?

If I, or anyone, sees a user with multiple birds, his/her bird will be removed.

If it is because another person is sharing your account, please notify me before. Also do not lie so you can have multiple birds.

And, another rule, please add your username (number if you are wikia contributor).

Members! aka Michael the Blue Bird "Blue Mike"

Pinkiepielunagirls aka Cee-Cee the Pink Bird "Cee"

Peter the Lazer Bird aka Speedy the Lazer Bird


Founder - Blue Mike 

VIB (Very Important Bird) - ???

Big Red Bird - ???

King Pig - ???

Black Bird - ???

Foreman Pig - ???

White Bird - ???

Corporal Pig - ???

Red Bird - ???

Minion Pig - ???

Green Bird - ???

Yellow Bird - ???

Pink Bird - ???

Orange Bird - ???

Slingshot Master - ???

Slingshot Lover - ???

Slingshot Expert - ???

Slingshot Beginner - ???

Egg - ???

Request for a new rank. I will see if you qualify.

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