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Angry Birds: The Bat Bird

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Wii U, iOS, Android, 3DS, PS3

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Angry Birds: The Bat Bird is a game that was announced on September 17, 2013. The game's release date is unknown, but it was been confirmed to be a Batman parody starring the Angry Birds characters.


Characters that are starring in the game have been confirmed. Both, the heroes and villains. It's also been confirmed you can play as the pigs (The villains) in addition to the birds (The heroes)


Red Wayne/The Bat Bird (Red Bird as Bruce Wayne/Batman)Edit

Red Wayne, the secret identity of Bat Bird lives in Gotham City. Red is a millionaire who has been traumatized since his childhood from watching his parents being shot dead before his eyes. He has also had a fear of bats ever since he fell in a well full of bats when he was a child. After the death of his parents, he was raised by his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. As Red grew older, the crime rate in Gotham grew higher and higher. As Red remembered his parents' death, he never wanted this to happen to anyone else, he was inspired to fight crime, although he would fight crime illegally, he didn't care. Red's fear of bats inspired his costume to resemble a bat in order to strike fear into his enemies. Red made the cave he fell into as a child into his superhero lair, The Bat Cave. He named his alter ego self, the Bat Bird. He would do his crime fighting duties only at night and later met a young bird named Chuck Grayson, an orphan. Chuck would later become the sidekick to Bat Bird known as Robin.

Chuck Grayson/Robin (Yellow Bird as Dick Grayson/Robin)Edit

Chuck Grayson was a boy who grew up in a circus with his family. He performed in circus acts with his family in their act known as The Flying Graysons. One day, the circus was attacked by the Joker and his mother, father, and older brother were all killed in the process of the attack. Chuck was left with no family and was later found by Red Wayne. Red took Chuck to Wayne Manor to care for him. One night, Chuck stumbled upon the secret entrance to the Bat Cave, and discovered Red's secret identity as Bat Bird. Chuck insisted on fighting crime to avenge his family's death, Red wouldn't let him though, as he believed it was too dangerous for the young Chuck, This didn't stop Chuck from creating his own costume and following Bat Bird one night when the Joker was loose. Although reluctant at first, Bat Bird finally agreed to let Chuck accompany him. Ever since, Chuck has been the sidekick of bat Bird known as Robin, The Bird Wonder.

Cybird (Bomb as Cyborg)Edit

Cybird was a bird previously known as Victor Stone, he was a strong teenage athlete until an accident killed his mother and left him life-threateningly injured. To save his son's life, his father, a scientist named Dr. Stone, replaced Victor's damaged body parts with robotic replacements. Victor hated his new body and he was shunned by society. One night, he took to the streets and met with Beast Bird and Robin who were fighting a mysterious alien bird named Starflier, later, they befriended Starflier and met another mysterious bird named Raven. The 5 soon joined together to form the crime fighting team: the Teen Titans.

The Raven Edit

Beast Bird Edit

Starflier Edit

Superbird Edit


The Joker Pig (King Pig as the Joker)Edit

it all started one day when a grumpy old pig named Jack Napier fell into a pool of acid waste. When he emerged from the pool, his face was bright white, his hair was wild and a gruesome green, but the most gruesome modification to his face was his bright red lips that were curved into a sinister and permanent smile. The Joker is a psychopath and a ruthless killer, caring about nothing including himself. He would commit crimes just because he could. He only does it because he enjoys watching others suffer. He thinks it's... Funny. The Joker would go as far as killing his own henchmen for no reason whatsoever. He is a dangerous foe to Bat Bird, if not the most dangerous of all.

The Piguin (Pig as the Penguin)Edit

The Piguin is a pig who was abandoned by his parents because of his grotesque mutations. He was different from other pigs. He has a nose that resembles a beak and has a very wrinkly looking face, as well as a fondness of eating fish. Especially raw. After the Piguin was abandoned, he was raised by penguins in a deserted zoo exhibit. The penguins began to worship the Piguin. They became his minions and some of the only birds to ever side with a pig. The Piguin began at commit crimes using the birds. He developed umbrellas with different purposes, mostly to use as toxic gas sprayers. This flightless bird-pig poses a serious threat to the Bat Bird.

Pork-Face (Bird/Pig as Harvey Dent/Two-Face)Edit

There once was a bird named Harvey Dent. He was quite the nice one and handsome one. He even had a lucky quarter he often flipped to make decisions. It all went wrong one day though. One day, he was kidnapped by the Joker Pig. The fiendish clown tied Harvey to a chair! As Harvey attempted to escape the chair, he knocked over a bucket if gasoline, and then the chair fell down along with it. Still tied to the chair, half of Dent's face was dipped in the gas. Eventually, Bat Bird saved him, but the building was also caught on fire! The gasoline that dampened Harvey's face caught ablaze and Harvey was rushed to a hospital. Half of Dent's face was singed and deformed, some of his muscle was even showing. But the spooky thing is, it was exactly half of his face that was deformed. One side of Dent's coin was also burned. The man that was once Harvey Dent was driven to madness. His madness made him take the form of a pig, and he used his coin to decide who lived or died. Pork-Face was born. Harvey Dent was dead.

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