Angry Birds: The Bird Mission is an awesome game. Admins may remove and/or replace any text they think is innapropriate.

Chapter 1: Forest HuntingEdit

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Terence, Bomb, and Hal are hunting in the forest. Then they see shadows and follow them. The shadows lead to the Bird House, where Matilda, Bubbles, and The Blues are being kidnapped by pigs. It is best to save The Blues first, the Matilda, and leave Bubbles because he will kill the pigs. Then they see piggy vehicles, and when one breaks, Ice Cube Bird is thrown out. You have a choice: battle the pigs and see if there are more birds, let Ice Cube Bird join your group and leave, or just leave. If you destroy the machines, a note flies out, along with Red Skywalker and Blu, and says to look for Red in a coal mine. Inside the coal mine, the player plays as The Blues and Hal. Press X to have Hal destroy a trap, and press Z so the Blues jump over the traps. When you reach the center of the mine, Red is hiding from some Helmet Pigs which the player has to battle to get Red. Then battle more Pigs to get out, but then Bubbles sees a short cut, you have a choice: Go in, (leads to the Pig's Dungeon,) or stay out (game over).

Chapter 2: Pig's DungeonEdit

Permitted editors: Me, all admins, anyone who asks

King Pig's dungeon. The King Pig takes 2 of the Blues, and you must find them. If you fail to find one or both of them, they they are tossed out of the fortress when you leave.

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