Angry Birds 2 is a fan creation by The Boomerang.


Angry Birds 2 was created by Rovio because of multiple reasons. They wanted toons sprites, newer locations, a map of Piggy Island, newer abilities, and a fresher story. Wanting to start on a fresh page, Angry Birds 2 was born.


  1. Cobalt Plateaus
  2. South Beach
  3. Piggy Island Sea
  4. Desert Island
  5. Cornucopia Woods
  6. Beard Forest
  7. Islands in the Sky
  8. Hog Head Mountain


Episode 1: Cobalt PlateausEdit

Cutscene 1Edit

Beginning at the very roots of Angry Birds, before original started, Red and Dahlia was raised by Terrence. They were seperated quickly, though, as Dahlia was kidnapped and sent to Golden Island. Red made it his absolute goal to find her.

  • Red Unlocked

Cutscene 2Edit

From this hardship Terrence began to grow more and more quiet. He grew spots and stress lines over his eyebrows.

  • Terence Unlocked

Cutscene 3Edit

Soon, Red and Terrence found the 3 eggs, guarded by Chuck and Poppy. Chuck being very irrisponsible, didn't notice that the eggs and Poppy were being kidnapped by the pigs. Thus, the flock was born. Red, Chuck, and Terrence made it their goal to find their kidnapped friends and rescue the eggs.

  • Chuck Unlocked

Cutscene 4Edit

Meanwhile, at Golden Island, Young Stella, Young Willow and Young Gale were living together, protecting a single egg. However, a crate washed ashore with Dahlia, Poppy, and the Minion Pigs in it. They see Willow and take her; then they see the tree and rush to it. They end up kidnapping all of the birds, but the Stella flock roughly escapes. However, Stella bounces into the crate and becomes lost at sea. She then washes ashore on Piggy Island and finds Red, Chuck, and Terrence. Back at Golden Island, Gale is lost in thought until she sees the single egg on the shore.

  • Stella Unlocked

Cutscene 5Edit

Red sees the 3 eggs with the pigs. He attempts to attack Foreman Pig, but gets knocked down by dynamite. Beaten down, he sees a massive figure in the skies that drop a feather onto him.

  • Red's Mighty Feather ability unlocked
  • Foreman Pig Boss Fight

Cutscene 6Edit

Foreman Pig flees away, knocking down Bomb and Matilda in the process. Chuck zooms after Foreman Pig, but gets knocked down. Professor Pig then rushes to Chuck's aid and feeds him a blue mixture. Chuck then grows lightning speed and overpowers Foreman Pig. Bomb and Matilda join Red's flock.

Episode 2: South BeachEdit

Cutscene 1Edit

Upon getting to South Beach, they see a figure in the distance. Red chases after it, but it reveals to be Ninja Pig. He swaps places with another Minion Pig. Chuck outraged, chases after him.

  • Chuck's headband ability unlocked.

Cutscene 2Edit

Venturing through the beach, they come across strange objects. They see Foreman Pig working on some sort of building. Getting closer, they find out it is a large stone structure, with the eggs presumably inside.

  • Bomb Unlocked

Cutscene 3Edit

Foreman Pig flees, and another large tower is seen with the actual eggs. The top section is fortified with stone and the bottom section is fortified in metal. Chuck tries to reach it but does not have enough altitude. Red tries to reach it but cannot give enough force. Terrence tries to reach it but is too heavy to get all the way up. Bomb tries to reach it but cannot gain enough altitude, like Chuck. Enraged, Matilda gets on the slingshot and pulls out an egg bomb.

  • Matilda Unlocked

Diffrences between Angry BirdsEdit

  • Clear story.
  • New toons sprites.
  • New map features, like Angry Birds Transformers, Epic, and Stella.
  • Episodes are categorized by location and not through names.
  • New animated cutscenes.

Characters (Chronological)Edit


Leadership - Regular ability. No special move.

Mighty Feathers - Targets wherever the screen is tapped.


Speedy - Regular Angry Birds Original ability.

Headband - Zooms in a precise straight line. Will not stop until Chuck hits a structure.

Ninja Strike - Chuck pulls out nunchucks and twirls them around momenterely. He is still in flight throughout the process.


Brute Strength - Regular Angry Birds Original ability.

Thunderstorm - Strikes the nearest structures with lightning. While stone and glass will just shard, wood will burn and spread to other wood blocks. Terence now decreases in strength.

Wingman - Is not flung. Wherever the screen is tapped, Wingman will pop into the screen and attack the structure. However, it is done so that the Wingman is going furthur from the player.\


Cute and Bubbly - Regular Angry Birds Original Ability.

Parkour Attack - Angry Birds Stella Ability.

Call the Flock - Calls Stella's flock to help. Luca, Poppy, Dahlia, Willow, and Gale then crash down to Stella's location.


Regular Explosion - Regular Angry Birds Original Ability.

Shockwave Explosion - Angry Birds Original Shockwave powerup.

Mushroom Explosion - Causes a mushroom explosion, lighting all the things in the ashes' way on fire.


Eggbomb Catastrophe - Wherever the screen is tapped, Matilda will shoot an egg bomb.

The BluesEdit

Triple Threat - Seperates into three. (when flung, 3 blue birds are seen instead of just one) If ability isn't used and they become a corpse, they will seperate.

Double Trouble - Blues hold a slingshot. When flung, the player can fling again and the blues will remain stationary for a while. A bouncy ball will then riochet off the structures, similar to Yoda bird. Will not split into 3 until they become a corpse.

Triple Shock - Electricutes the structure upon impact. Will not split into 3 until they become a corpse.


Boomerang - Regular ability.

Tornado Whirl - Goes straight down as a tornado. (similar to Poppy)

Banjo Swirl - Spins once and shards everything within the banjo's reach. (similar to Dahlia)



  • Abilities are earned by completing levels.; amount of stars does not change the process. They can be changed manually and were devised so that each ability, at a point, would be used and none would be too overpowered than the other. (excludes Red)
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