These are the listed members of the staff for Angry Birds Club Wiki, if you have any questions, please ask a staff member!


Admins are members of the Wiki who keep a great lookout on what goes on the Wiki and makes sure the Wiki is fun and safe.

Member Name Nickname Rank Activity
The Boomerang Boomerang Founder Active
King Pig
Angry Bird Piggy King Pig

Bureaucrat and co-leader of the wiki

Mighty Eagle
QazQaz555 Qaz Bureaucrat Semiactive
Angry Hearts Hearts Sysop Inactive

Honorable Members of the Wiki

These people are not members of staff, but are honorable enough to be listed, as well as having a high chance of becoming an admin.

No users have met such achievements as of now.

Users Once part of the list:

QazQaz555 Reason for being taken off: Promoted to Admin, thus, going to a different list.

The Founder

The founder is the main boss and commander of the wiki and can make his own rules for his own wiki.



The Boomerang (Boomerang)


Admins have the same powers as a founder, if they are bureaucrat, of course. The only difference between a sysop admin or a bureaucrat admin is that bureaucrats can make other users admins while sysops cannot



Angry Hearts


To be a staff member, you must have:

  • Since this is the official Fanon Wiki for the Angry Birds Wiki, your skills and knowledge there can be used here as well. For ex: If you have 500 edits on the Angry Birds Wiki and you're helpful, you can be a staff member here as well.
  • 500 edits on either the regular or club wiki. Note: You cannot have 250 on one wiki and 250 on the other. This will not count.
  • You must be here for 5 months or on the Angry Birds Wiki for 5 months.
  • Approval from 3 active admins. If no admins are active, Founder: The Boomerang will decide wether to make you a staff member or not.

You can request to be one on the Staff: Talkpage but you must fill in the first 3 requirements.

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