Angry Birds Concert Tour Show is a show (fanon) that features new birds and pigs (Note: All characters are acting like artists).


The show starts on February 7th 2014. There are 3 seasons.

Season 1:

PLOT: The pigs invited the birds to go with them to artists.

Singing Mayhem: The Flock and the Bad Piggies met Birdbecca Black (Rebecca Black) in San Birdsisco on her concert "My  Moment" but the birds had to stop her singing hazily.

CRAZY,CRAZY,CRAZY!: They let Birdbecca come with them but they met Ke$ha (Female Red Bird) in her concert "Crazy Pigs" with but her song made the pigs crazy.

Wrecking Piggy: They let the two come and they met Piggy Cyrus twerking everywhere. The birds and pigs must stop her twerking.

Bird of Interest: The birds found a carnival and The Blues are pranking birds and pigs in the carnival. Birdbecca must them while making a song.

The Monster?: Eminem and Rihanna (Hal and Matilda) made the song called "The Monster" to warn others from the real largest fat pig destroying anything. The Birds help them but The Blues are lost in the mall. Will the birds save The Blues or saving the city?

Reminder: 7 episodes will be based on fan ideas.

Season 2:


Starts in: January 30th 2015

Sneak Peek: New artistists: Dev, Bird Direction,Pigstin Bieber,and more!


-The Flock and The Bad Piggies' plane is the airplane on ABR.

-Birdecca,Ke$ha,,Eminem and Rihanna are also the main characters.

-The categoriies of this fanon show is comedy,drama,and some episodes have parental advisory.

-Every season, 7 episodes will be based as fan ideas.

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