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Release Date: Oct 31st, 2012
Developer(s): Rovio, Nintendo
Publishers: Angry Birds Club Wiki
Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Ratings: T: Teen
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, 3rd-Person, Shooting

Angry Birds DESTROYER is an Angry Birds action-rpg game for the Nintendo Wii. It takes place in the future about 1,000 years from the present, in which the technology is extremely advanced. It features an original story centered around Red, a distant decsendant from the current Red Bird, fighting alongside a secret government agency called "DESTROYER" against the Ynx an extraterrestrial species that has begun conquering the universe. Unlike most Angry Birds games, the Bad Piggies are not involved with the central plot.


The story begins in a ravaged New York City during early summer in the year 3152. DESTROYER has sent Red to investigate what has happened. Shortly after Red arrives, he is attacked by mysterious cybernetic creatures. DESTROYER then sends Blue Jake and Chuck as backup for Red, and overwhelm the enemy creatures together. The remains of the creatures are then brought to DESTROYER's main base stationed underground to be studied. The creatures are revealed to be the Ynx. DESTROYER then learns of the Ynx's plans to mine the Earth for minerals that could be converted into weaponry. DESTROYER's leader, Shadair, a veteran DESTROYER member, sends Red to destroy the three mine facilities located in the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, A volcano in Hawaii, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

After Red has destroyed the first two mine facilities, Shadair sends Blue Jake, Chuck, Bomb, Al, and Terence to aid him. When the final mine is destroyed, the Ynx's military commander, Ydraxil, attacks Red's group, brainwashing Bomb, Al, and Terence. After a long battle, Ydraxil leaves Red, Blue Jake, and Chuck to die. A week later, Red awakes hospitalized in DESTROYER's underground base. When Red fully recovers, Shadair orders Red to rescue Blue Jake and Chuck, and gives him another task. DESTROYER has learned where the Ynx's main base is stationed. However, it is protected by an impenetrable force field, and Red must destroy the three shield generators being protected.

Red has decided that asking the Mighty Eagle for help would make his job easier. He travels to the eagle's cave, but the Eagle is missing. Red journeys to the three generators, and successfully destroys them all. With the shield down, DESTROYER launches a full-scale invasion to the Ynx's base. Red frees his captured and brainwashes comrades, and faces Ydraxil, who manages to escape. DESTROYER informs Red's group that the location of the Ynx's home planet has been found, and will launch another invasion.

When DESTROYER arrives at the Ynx's planet, the Ynx are already prepared to defend, and a war ensues. Red's group is sent to infiltrate to the planets's core. They eventually arrive, but are just in time to witness Ydraxil brainwashing the Mighty Eagle. Ydraxil reveals to have kidnapped the Eagle and planned to use him against DESTROYER. Not completely finished with the brainwashing, he sets aside the Eagle to deal with Ref's group, but is defeated. However, while they were fighting, the brainwashing continued on the Mighty Eagle, who awoke and attacked Red's group. Red eventually defeats the Eagle and reverses the brainwashing. With the Ynx finally defeated, DESTROYER returns to Earth and celebrates their victory


The game has a third-person perspective view, controlling Red Bird from behind. The player utilizes a blaster gun that upgrades as the game progresses. The gun has infinite ammo throughout the game. The player has the option to save whenever he/she wants on the pause menu. The player can also switch between third and first person at will.


  • Z Button - Center camera
  • C Button - Switch between third and first person view
  • Control Stick - Move Red Bird
  • Pointer - Aim crosshairs
  • D-Pad - Switch types of guns
  • A Button - Jump
  • B Button - Shoot gun/use item
  • + Button - Pause menu
  • - Button - Map screen
  • 1 and 2 Buttons - Switch items

Story Mode[]

The player has a set amount of health during the game. If depleted, the player gets a Game Over and can quit the game or restart from where last saved. In each dungeon, the player obtains a new gun, item, and more maximum health. The player starts out with 100 HP, and collects +10 Maximum HP every time a boss is defeated. Enemy health is also shown in HP, and will appear when the player scans it.

Multiplayer Mode[]

Four players battle each other until one player is left standing. The controls are the same as in Story Mode.



These items are found in breakable containers or can be found after defeating an enemy:

  • Health Pack - Restores health
  • Barrier - Creates an impenetrable force field around the player for 30 seconds
  • Speed Booster - Increases the player's speed for 30 seconds
  • Bombs - When thrown, deals 30 damage to all enemies within range. Can also harm the player and allies.
  • Jetpack Fuel - Adds fuel for 10 seconds to the Jetpack


This is Red's main method of attack. It is upgraded as the player progresses through the game.

  • Paralyzer - Deals no damage, only stops enemy movements for 60 seconds. Available from the start
  • Super Paralyzer - Deals 2 damage per shot, and stops enemy movements for 90 seconds. Obtained in the Rainforest Mine
  • Wave Gun - Deal 3 damage per shot. Can shoot through certain materials. Obtained in the Earth Mine
  • Freeze Gun - Deals 4 damage per shot (5 damage to fire or lava-based enemies). Obtained in the Ocean Mine.
  • Dark Gun - Deals 5 damage per shot (6 damage to light-based enemies). Obtained in the Mighty Eagle's Cave
  • Annihilator Gun - Deals 6 damage per shot (8 to ice-based enemies). Can melt certain materials. Obtained in the Mountain Generator
  • X-Ray Gun - Deals 5 damage per shot. Can deal 10 damage to weak spots on enemies when equipped with the X-Ray Visor. Obtained in the Hidden Generator
  • Light Gun - Deals 7 damage per shot (10 damage to shadow-based enemies). Obtained in the Sky Generator
  • Dominion Gun - Deals 2 damage per shot. Can turn certain enemies into allies. This gun was used by Ydraxil to brainwash Red's Group. Obtained in the Ynx Base
  • Nova Gun - Deals 8 damage per shot (15 damage to Ynxs). Obtained in the Ynx Homeworld


Alongside Guns, Red collects different items to help him on his journey. To switch from using a gun to an item, press the D-Pad for the guns, and 1 or 2 for the items.

  • Scanner - Scans enemies, machinery, equipment, etc. and gives detailed information about it. Available from the start
  • Tractor Beam - Pulls collectibles and weak enemies closer. Available from the start.
  • Sniper Scope - Zooms in for more accurate shots and can fire from a farther distance. Obtained with the Super Paralyzer
  • Grapple Beam - Latches onto certain objects or terrain and pull it or the player closer. Obtained with the Freeze Gun
  • Drill - Digs through hard rocks. Deals 15 damage if used on enemies. Obtained with the Dark Gun
  • Plasma Whip - Attacks enemies from a distance, activates faraway switches, and can steal certain equipment from enemies. Obtained with the Annihilator Gun
  • X-Ray Visor - Allows the player to view enemies' weak points, bypass certain systems, and to view sensitive portions of machinery. Obtained with the X-Ray Gun
  • Probe - A wireless remote-controlled robot that can fly to areas too high for Red to reach, or too small for Red to fit through. Obtained with the Light Gun
  • Jetpack - Allows Red to fly for 10 seconds. Its fuel tank can only hold enough fuel for 100 seconds of flight. Obtained with the Dominion Gun
  • Shield - An inpenetrable shield that lasts forever. However, Red will remain stationary and cannot attack while using it. It also only protects from the front. Obtained with the Nova Gun.