Angry Birds Simpsons is a new game that colaberates Angry Birds with the long-running show the Simpsons.


Below is the bird characters in the game introduced in chronological order.

  • Homer Simpson (Red) - Sprays Duff Beer wherever the screen is tapped.
  • Marge Simpson (Stella) - Spins and riochets off surfaces wherever the screen is tapped.
  • Bart Simpson (One of the Blues) - Shoots three rocks wherever the screen is tapped.
  • Lisa Simpson (One of the Blues) - Blasts sound waves through her saxaphone that sends objects flying away wherever the screen is tapped.
  • Maggie Simpson (One of the Blues) - Drops three diaper bombs.
  • Ned Flanders (Bomb) - Throws a boomerang cross.
  • Milhouse Van Houten (Bubbles) - Inflates because of alergies.
  • Grampa Simpson (Terrence) - Has strength. (same as Terrence)
  • Apu Namahalipesatin (Chuck) - Leviates objects closer to him.
  • Krusty the Clown (Hal) - Throws props in many diffrent directions.

Below is the pig enemies in the game introduced in Chronological Order.

  • EPA Officers (Minion Pigs)
  • Russ Cargin (Foreman Pig)
  • Hippies (Female Pigs)
  • Hippies (Minion Pigs)
  • Police Officers (Minion Pigs)
  • Lou (Minion Pig)
  • Eddie (Minion Pig)
  • Cheif Wiggum (Minion Pig)
  • Itchy Robots (Minion Pigs)
  • Scratchy Robots (Minion Pigs)
  • Poochie Robots (Minon Pigs)
  • Security (Corporal Pigs)
  • Mr. Smithers (Minion Pig)
  • Mr. Burns (Minion Pig)


Below is the episodes in the game.

  1. The Simpson's House
  2. Downtown Springfield
  3. Springfield Retirement Castle
  4. The Kwik -e- Mart
  5. Krustyfu Studios
  6. Itchy and Scratchy Land
  7. Springfield Nuclear Power Plant


  • The Simpson's House - The game begins where the simpsons are watching TV. Suddenly, the door bursts open and EPA officers run inside the house. Second Cutscene (ending) - The Simpsons run outside downtown springfield where there are more officers.
  • Downtown Springfield - Third Cutscene (begining) - The Simpsons are cornered until Ned Flanders throws a cross and iliminates them all. Fourth Cutscene (middle) - Milhouse Van Houten suddenly runs out of his house and accidently alerts more officers by inflating. Fifth Cutscene (end) - When there are too many officers, the Simpsons, Flanders and Milhouse hide in the retirement castle.
  • Springfield Retirement Castle - Sixth Cutscene (begining) - Grandpa Simpson has angered every hippie in town and now they have formed a mob and broken into the Retirement Home. Seventh Cutscene (End) The Hippies are droven away.
  • The Kwik -e- Mart - Eighth Cutscene (begining) Apu is making slushees but Angry Government complain about the high prices and expired food so they dump Apu into the freezer. The Simpsons, Flanders, and Milhouse then rush inside. Ninth Cutscene (middle) Apu is freed. Tenth Cutscene (end) They notice that Krustyfu Studio's Gates have been mysteriously opened.
  • Krustyfu Studios - Eleventh Cutscene (begining) They find Krusty Locked up because of angry haters. Twelvth Cutscene (middle) Krusty is freed. Thirteenth Cutscene (end) Highjacked Itchy and Scrathcy robots drive them to Itchy and Scratchy land.
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land - Fourteenth Cutscene (begining) Bart throws a rock at one of the Itchy Robots, angering them all. Fifteenth Cutscene (end) They find out the robots were highjacked by Mr. Burns.
  • Springfield Nuclear Power Plant - Sixteenth Cutscene (begining) Security Notices the group right away and attacks them. Seventeenth Cutscene (end) Mr. Burns is defeated.
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