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The Angry Birds TV show is a fanon TV show that may/or may not officially happen.


The reboot removed all older episodes and started with The Pilot.


I'll really need people to help me out on this. If you can furfill any role, please message me ASAP.

Season 1

Season 1 will focus on how the flock banded together.

The Pilot - The flock's first vengence on egg theft.

Hal's Scroll - How Hal found his scroll.

Bomb's Return - Why Bomb left and why he came back.

The Story of Terence - Terence's entire backstory.

Canyon Rush - The flock's first trip, will be an entirely new plot.

The Eigth Scroll - Bubble's scroll.

Golden Island - The Stella Flock's life on Golden Island.

The Camping Trip - Hal brings the birds on a camping trip.

The 6 Birds - Stella's flock sail to Piggy Island.

The Golden Egg - The Birds find the Golden Egg, which grants them powers.

Season 2

Season 2 will focus more on problems against the pigs.

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