Episode GuideEdit

# Title Original air date
1 Matilda in Love King Pig launches an airborne attack on the birds, but it blows up in his face. This causes King Pig to have an attraction to Matilda. December 16, 2013
2 Love Birds The Blues are kidnapped by the pigs and will only be freed in exchange for the eggs. Bomb is coming to the rescue! This cause The Blues to spend too much time with Bomb. December 23, 2013
3 Bad Piggies Mechanic Pig creates robots and machines to steal the eggs - each one becoming worse. How will the birds protect themselves? December 30, 2013
4 Flock VS Mecha-Flock Professor Pig creates robotic versions of the birds. When will this madness end? Not until a gruesome battle takes place. January 6, 2013
5 Bubble Trouble The Blues are blowing bubbles and get trapped in one! Worst of all, they are drifting out towards the ocean! January 13, 2013
6 Space Ranks 1 Chronicler Pig finds a scroll that tells of a time machine! He has a plan to go back in time to steal the eggs before the birds have even found them! January 20, 2013
7 Space Ranks 2 The pigs activate the time machine but go back too far, before the earth was even made! Now they have to Find there way back home in the middle of space. January 27, 2013
8 Hal Ice Stella, Bubbles and the Blues get kidnapped by Freckled Pig and Mechanic Pig and have been held hostage by the pigs, while Hal and Ice Bird must endure various obstacles while trying to bring the ransom (the Eggs), including Bad Piggies vehicles, Swineborg, High-Tech MechaBots and the missiles and rackets from the Pig Rocket Base. Februari 4, 2013
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