Angry Birds Transformers:Birds Disguised as Robots in Disguise(AKA BDARID) is a TV series that shows the second Eggspark's arrival on Piggy Island.It is based on the app Angry Birds Transformers.It began on May,1st,along with the Tv series Angry Birds Epic:An Epic Piggy Island.It's shows on Nickelodeon and on Cartoon Network.

About the series

The show begins with a fight,Autobots vs. Decepticons for the Allspark,in Decepticons spaceship.While Optimus Prime with Megatron fights,Megatron accidentally falls the Allspark to Earth and Piggy Island.There,there's a fight,birds vs pigs,on Cobalt Plateus.Suddenly,Allspark(who has turned into Eggspark) falls there.The Flock,already known about the Eggspark,wants to protect the Eggs.But the Piggies then stole their Eggs(again)and then,a Minion Pig falls to a rock and the Eggs are brought into the Eggspark,touching them.The Eggbots are in again and start transformising Minions to Pigbots and Walking Mortar Towers.The only pigs who are saved are King Pig,Corporal Pig,Foreman Pig,Chef Pig,Professor Pig and 3 Minion Pigs.The Birds and the Pigs have no other choice,expert to touching the Eggspark and they become for an another time Autobirds and Deceptihogs for an other time.Some Birds and Pigs are touching the Eggspark twice and now they have "clones"of them.The only ones who don't touch the Eggspark are Professor Pig and Matilda.Before they touch it,The Eggbots are taken it away.Now,Optimus Prime Bird calls the Astrotrain,Transformers' air base.The Astrotrain comes but before Autobirds and Deceptihogs leave,Eggbots,Pigbots and WMT attack them.They run away but,Sentinel Prime with Heatwave the Fire Bot-Bird take a Pigbot with them.Autobirds,Deceptihogs and the kiddnapped Pigbot are escape from Piggy Island to Golden Island,Arcee Bird's friends(Poppy,Dahlia,Luca and Willow)home,to bring Matilda to the Big Tree and Pr. Pig to Gale's Palace.But,they find in some caves Energon Cubes.Now,Deceptihogs are tell to Gale,Handsome Pig and Golden Island's Minion Pigs to collect all the Energon Cubes from Golden Island's caves,if Megatron Pig kiddnaps Goldbite Grimlock Bird,one Dinobird who can find gold.Gale wants him because he can easily finds the Golden Egg.She accepts this deal while Arcee Bird with Optimus Prime Bird tell to Arcee's friends to find all the Energon Cubes from the caves.

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