"Rovio and disney join together to bring you the biggest game since Angry Birds Star Wars II"--Tagline

Angry Birds Pirates of the Caribbean


ios, android, PC, Mac.

Release date:

December 13, 2013


Rovio, Disney




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Angry Birds Pirates is a spinoff of Angry Birds game, based on the story of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy, much like Angry Birds Star Wars.


Captain Red Sparrow:  Power: Swinging a sword. Character:Red

Captain Barbossa: Power: Shooting an explosive cannonball. Character: Bomb

William "Chuck" Turner: Power: Throwing a sword. Character: Chuck

Elizebeth Swann: Power: Speeding up like Chuck in ABO. Character: New Character

MR. Gibbs: Power: None. Character: Matilda, Male

James Norrington: Power: Splitting into three birds. Character: The Blues

Sao Feng: Power: Spin attack, like Yoda bird. Character: New Character

Black Beard: Non-Playable. Character: New Character

Philip: Power: None. Character: Bubbles

Syrena: Non-playable. Character: Stella, with mermaid tail and black head-feathers

Angelica: Power: Slings things with her anchor. Character: New Character

Tia Dalma: Non-Playable. Character: New character

The Black Pearl: Much like the millinium Falcon, you summon it using a golden egg.
Black pearl

The Black Pearl

Exclusive to bonus levelsEdit

You can obtain these characters by finding golden peices of eight!

A golden piece of eight

Pintel: Power: Swings axe. Character: Terence

Ragetti: Power: Dropping it's fake eye. when you click of tap, or if it hits something, before becoming a corpse, yells "Me eye!" and zooms toward the eye,destroying everything in it's path. Character: Hal


Piggy Jones: Power: Swings claw to hit birds away

Piggy Jones' crew:Power: Sometimes they swing old rusty swords to block birds

Merbirds: They look almost
Potc characters

The Characters

just like Syrena. Power: Swimming around

Pigagostos: Normal minion pigs with war paint on them. Power: None

Lard Cutler Beckett: Leader of the East India trading company. Power: Strong


The Villians

Soldier Pigs:
Power: Some of them can shoot birds to disrupt them

Blackbeards Zompigs: Power: None


  • Port royal
  • Battle at sea
  • Isla Muerta
  • Escape from Pelagostos Island
  • The Dutchman
  • Tortuga
  • Isla Cruses
  • Kracken attack
  • Singapore
  • Shipreck cove
  • Battle of the Maelstrom
  • London
  • Queen Annes Revenge
  • Whitecap Bay
  • In the Jungle(Includes the battle of the fountain of youth scene)
  • annabele


  • In the episodes London through In the Jungle, instead of the black pearl, you can summon the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeards ship.
  • The zompigs look just like they do in AB freinds.
    Queen anne

    The Queen Annes Revenge

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