Back To The Past is the third episode of the Angry Birds TV Show.


None for Now.


At Piggy Island Pool.

Blue Jay: Matilda! Fat lady! LOOK AT ME!

Matilda: Okay, i'm looking.

Stares at Blue Jay as he attempts to jump of a diving board, but goes back to looking at her magazine midway.

Blue Jay: No fair! You didn't look!

Matilda (To Bomb): I really wish we didn't have kids. I mean, really!

Bomb: Yeah, kids are the reason why we have to take care of stuff! I mean, really! I wanted to become a first class murderer, but those Blues prevented that.

Matilda: I thought you said you were going to be the president!

Bomb: That was in high school.

Scene 2, at Bar.

Bomb, drunk: I really wish we had no kids.

Red: Uh, then why do we take care of the eggs?

Bomb: Exactlly, why?


Bomb: You're scary, elmo.

Red, rolling his eyes, kicks Bomb.

At the school

Blue Jay: Man, Bomb really blows.

Blue Jim: How?

Blue Jake: Well, if you've noticed he's been complaining how he hates us.

Blue Jay: Well that sucks. I'm going to run away!

Blue Jim: You pulled that scheme already. It failed miserablly.

Blue Jay: Fine, I guess. But we need a plan to change how they think about us.

Blue Jim: Not now, we have to go to science.

At science classroom

Proffesser Pig: My dear students, today we will learn about the rain cycle!

Blue Jay: Bo-ring!

Proffesser Pig: But you haven't learned the wonders of rain!

Minion Pig: Why do we need to anyway?

Proffesser Pig: Because, uh... umm... Whatever, just make exploding volcanoes.

Class cheers, Proffeser Pig walks out door.

Blue Jay: I'm going to follow him!

Blue Jim: Okay, whatever.

Blue Jay follows Proffesser Pig to the school basement, where he is building something.

Proffesser Pig: I have finally built my time machine, and I will now go back in time to stop everyone from not learning the rain cycle!

Blue Jay: Think again, dorkus.

Blue Jay then sends time back 30 years.

Proffesser Pig: But you don't understand the dangers of physics yet!

Blue Jay: Big deal! Someday I will.

Then there is huge explosion. Time goes back 30 years.

Terrence: My eggs are hatching!

Blue Jay, hiding behind bush: What the hell is going on?

Terrence: Who goes there?

Blue Jay: I'm your grandson into the future! You turn into a lazy fat bozo who never speaks!

Terrence: What the-

Eggs hatch, Hal, Red, Chuck, and Bomb pop out.

Blue Jay: Woah, I was born before them! I better cause something bad.

Terrence: Oh no you don't!

Grabs Blue Jay, but then Prince Pig (Young King Pig) steals the hatchlings.

Terrence: My babies!

Drops Blue Jay and runs after Prince Pig

Prince Pig: Whuhahahahahah!

Blue Jay: Now just to send time back to 30 years into the future!

Then, there is a huge explosion, and time is sent 30 years into the future.

Blue Jay, in cage with his brothers.

Blue Jay: Why are we like this?

Blue Jim: Because you went back in time, remember? There was a big story about it. And now, since Bomb, Red, Chuck, and Hal were captured by Prince Pig, Matilda, Bubbles, and Stella never met the flock so they never met us. And now, because of you, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Then to be continued sign appears.

Blue Jay: What the heck is that sign thing doing here?

Blue Jim: I dunno.

To Be Continued Sign falls into lava, along with Chuck, Red, Bomb, and Hal.

The Blues are then being lowered into the pit of lava.

Blue Jay: Wow, this sure escalated quickly. 

They all scream, but then Blue Jay squeezes through bars and excapes. Two other Blues do the same.

Corporal Pig: After them!

A bunch of Helmet Pigs chase after them, and they escape Pig City just before the doors shut closed.

Blue Jay: They're all dead!

Blue Jim: You kinda should've suspected that. 

The Blues all run to the mighty eagle cave.

Blue Jay: Mighty! We need your help!

Blue Jim: Mighty's dead.

Blue Jay: What?

Blue Jim: Mighty died when the pigs attacked him, because for some reason he got turned into a baby.

Blue Jay: Wow, really?

Blue Jim: It's simple when you think about it.


Blue Jay: We need a time machine!

Blue Jake: Easy, it's right there.

Time Machine, covered in dust, is spotted.

Blue Jay: Easy peasy. Now follow me!

Then Blue Jay sets time back 30 years and one second, and they all go back in time.

Cloned Blue Jay: What the heck is going on?

Blue Jay tackles Clone Blue Jay.

Blue Jay: I'm you from the future! Whatever you do, don't disturb Terrence!

Blue Jay Clone: Okay, that's easy.

Blue Jay: Really?

Blue Jay Clone: Yeah.

Blue Jay: Well, I was kinda expecting a fight and stuff....

Blue Jay Clone: No need.

Blue Jay: Okay, bye then.

Blue Jay Clone: Okay.

Then time is set 30 years and one second and there is a big explosion.

Regular Piggy Island.

Bomb, to Blue Jay: Where were you?

Blue Jay: Uh... doing homework and being disiplined!

Bomb: Okay, whatever.


  • The title is a pun to the "Back To The Future" movie.
  • This marks the first appearance of Corporal Pig.
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