Bat Bird
The Batman
General Info
Powers None (As Red Wayne)

Throws multiple Batarangs at Pig structures (As Bat Bird)

First Level Appearance: Bat Bird Begins 1-1 (As Red Wayne)

Bat Bird Begins 1-20 (As Bat Bird)

Gender: Male
Species: Cardinal
Locations: Gotham City, Jump City, Metropolis
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium
 The Bat Bird is the secret identity of Red Wayne, and the main character of the Batman parody game: Angry Birds: The Bat BirdHe is based on Bruce Wayne/Batman from the Batman franchise by DC Comics.


Red Wayne, the secret identity of Bat Bird, lives in Gotham City. Red is a millionaire who has been traumatized ever since he watched in horror as his parents were shot dead before his eyes while he was a young child. He has also had a fear of bats ever since he fell in a well full of bats during his childhood. After the death of his parents, he was raised by his butler, Halfred Pennyworth. As Red grew older, the crime rate in Gotham grew higher and higher. As Red remembered his parents' death, he never wanted this to happen to anyone else, he was inspired to fight crime, although he would fight crime illegally, he didn't care. Red's fear of bats inspired his costume to resemble a bat in order to strike fear into his enemies. Red made the cave he fell into as a child into his superhero lair, The Bat Cave. He named his alter ego self, the Bat Bird. He would do his crime fighting duties only at night. It was frequent that Bat Bird would fight against very dangerous foes, most of which lost all sanity. Some of these villains included Joker Pig, the Piguin, Pork-Face, Cat Bird, Bane, Pig-Bat, and many others. Later on, he met a young bird named Chuck Grayson, an orphan. Chuck would later become the sidekick to Bat Bird known as Robin.


Red WayneEdit

Red Wayne's the average Red Bird from most Angry Birds titles, he has no special power, and can only damage structure lightly.

Bat BirdEdit

The Bat Bird throws Batarangs at the pig structures. The Batarangs are moderatley powerful, as well as very useful. The direction you tap the screen is the direction bat Bird will throw his Batarangs. He always throws two at a time. When the Bat hits the structures himself, he'll do decent damage to the Pigs' defense.

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