Blabberbeak Bumper is the seventh episode of season 1 of the Angry Birds TV Show.


None for now.


Hal: I have a new job!

Red: What?

Hal: I was hired to do office work at Pig City.

Red: Isn't that a bit unlikely?

Hal: Not really. Why, does it bother you?

Red: No offense, but you really need to concentrate why we hurl ourselves at buildings.

Hal: Why?

Red: Pigs.

Hal: Why not truce?

Red: This conversation is getting nowhere.

Hal: You're getting nowhere.

Red: Alright, that's it. I'm off.

Then Red climbs onto slingshot and hurls himslef.

Hal rolls his eyes.

At the pig industries

Hal: Better start on my job.

Types for about a few seconds, then a fat pig comes out.

Fat Pig: Hey big fatso! You need to stop being fat!

Hal:  I advise you are being a hypocrite, because you are eating a donut that has over 200 calories in it. You are also about 6 times the amount of mass I have, plus you loathe in fat. So I suggest you stop being like that.

Fat Pig stares at Hal, then slowly steps back 3 steps, then runs away.

At the nest

As Red moans and rolls his eyes, Hal: I don’t believe my new job! It’s so fascinating, all the people are so nice, and the work I do is so productive, and-

Where Blues are playing Frisbee

Everyone is so socialized already, and the people know what they’re doing-

Blue Jay gets hit by Frisbee while he is talking.

At work

Hal:…, and they’re so wonderful to know!

Pig Boss: Just do the freaking job.

At the cafeteria

Hal: Can I sit here?

Pig: Why, aren’t you too large to fit?

Hal: No, but-

Other Pig: Is your beak going to smush the world?

Hal: No, but-

Another Pig: Is your beak going to be the apocalypse?

Hal’s expression turns murderous.

At night where others are sleeping

Hal: Become your own surgeon. The Manuel says, but some of this stuff on, then drink this, then take this knife and…

From far view of Piggy Island, Hal: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Scene Changes To The Next Morning

Hal, Off Screen: Whos ready to see the new look of Hal?

Red: Hal, you've had 4 new looks. It was first the toucan, then the serious creepy, then some google chrome design. What is it now?

Hal Comes, but beak is just like Red's and both eyes can be seen.

Hal: I know, right?

Red: WhaaT?

At Hal's Office Job

Hal enters building, Pigs stare from their section places in slow motion.

Minion Pig, not in slow Motion: Hey, why is everyone so slow today?

Scene changes to where Stella is spying on Hal behind a bush.

Stella: Hmm... Why did Hal change his face.

Blue Jay pops up next to Stella.

Blue Jay: Hmm... where did Fat Woman put the pop tarts this time?

Bomb pops up next to Blue Jay: Hmm... where did my pop tarts go now?

Blue Jay: They're MY poptarts!

Bomb: I bought them with MY MONEY!

Blue Jay: You only want them because LIKE THEM!


Stella: Will you two just shut up and go away?

Bomb: Party pooper.

Then, Bomb and Blue Jay dissapear into bush again.

Stella: Now. Where did Hal go?

Camera fixes to where Hal is eating a pop tart.

Hal: Wow, hiding the pop tarts was such a good idea. And now, getting rid of the stupid beak, I can finally bite it and taste it for once!

Bites pop tart.

Hal: Wow, this is why they call it pop tarts. It doesn't even taste that good.

Stella: Hmm... So he doesn't like his beak. Maybe that's why?


Stella: This is more interesting then the roumor diffrent genders of Lady Gaga or Micheal Jackson switching skin color! I've got to find it out!

Stella, setting up pig fortress, is all the way below the slingshot

(places cardboard king pig and eggs)

Stella: Uh... Oh no! King Pig stole the eggs!

(Bomb rushes to fortress and explodes)

Bomb: Hooray! I retreieved the eggs again!

(Rest of the flock carries him like a hero)

Stella: Not what I was planing! I've got a second soulution, though.

Scene changes to Pig City

Stella places cardboard eggs, runs back to egg's nest where Hal is reading a book

Stella: Hal! The pigs stole the eggs again!

Suddenly realizes Red is right behind them


Stella: Ugh...

Walks away and sits on waterfall

Stella: I guess there's no other way to convince Hal to be a big beak after all.

Falls back

Stella (being swept away from current): Things couldn't be worse!

Piano falls onto Stella

Stella: Is that all you got, lame sky?

Stella gets struck by lightning

Stella: Oh, REAL mature.

Scene changes where Stella is grabbing onto a rock to stop self from falling off waterfall

Stella: Oh, I really didn't think this through.

The rest of the flock rushes to help Stella.

Matilda: I'm just saying, my first line!

Chuck: Not the right time! Oh, and my first line too!

Red: Will you just shut up?

Stella: Ahem!

Red: Oh right.

Hal: She has nothing to hold onto except that rock!

Bomb: It's probably going to fall off.

Blue Jay: Kinda

Blue Jake: Really

Blue Jim: Obvious.

Matilda: Hey, let's have Stella hold onto Hal's beak!

Hal: Except my beak is short now.

Stella: That's why you're unique! You have the biggest beak in the flock! Also, it's the reason you can even boomerang.

Hal: Really?

Stella: Uh, yeah.

Hal: Well, fine. I'll be right back!

Hal runs into the distance, then makes a shrill scream

Hal: Okay, i'm back!

Stella: Finally! The big beak!

Then, The rock falls off and Stella hurls off the edge.

Stella (while falling) : Unexpected twist ending!

Hal: Oh, for crying out loud!

Hurls off the waterfall, then boomerangs back with Stella.

Chuck: Really? A romance? We need something to get off the atttention.

Suddenly, Pig dressed in Clown Clothes passes by on a unicycle

Pig: I'm bobo the clown!

Chuck: Oh, that's a good excuse.

Stella: At least everyone is safe!

Hal: I'm just saying, I do not like you still and I was going to save that slice of pizza.

Pulls out slice of pizza and munches on it

Stella: Oh well.

Matilda: Who still wants to jump off and have Hal catch them?

Blue Jay: We 

Blue Jake:Will

Blue Jim: Go 

Blue Jay: First!

The Blues jump off

Hal: I'm on a break!

The Blues (Falling) : Wait, what?

Credits Roll

After Credits

Blue Jay: We're

Blue Jim: Safe

Blue Jake: Now!

Blue Jay: Seriously, stop finishing my sentences.

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