Chuck, Red, and a Buncha Other Birds is the season finalie of the Angry Birds TV Show.


None For Now.


Scene Starts at Eggs Nest

Red: Chuck, I’m going to go Matilda to pick up that batch of weeds. Can you watch over the eggs?

Chuck: Oh, huh? Uh, yeah, you bet.

Red, unsatisfied: Chuck, this is the last straw. If any of those eggs crack or get stolen, you are really going to get it.

Chuck: I got it, Red! You don’t have to act so cautious and stuff. I’m totally going to knock out this job for you!

Red makes final glare, then hops away.

Chuck: Now, what was he talking about again? I think he asked me to eat, um… I got it! He asked for me to eat pizza. Now, just to call the pizza place.

Chuck dials numbers, and then phone holds.

Chuck: Ah, hello? Papa Pig’s Pizza? I want, um… a full pepperoni pie, with sausage- yes, extra cheese, with the um… veggie combo, with mushrooms, pepper, and buffalo chicken.

One egg is missing.

Chuck: Thirty Seven Dollars? What am I asking for, a box of jewelry?

2 eggs are missing.

Chuck: Fine, I will call the Jewelry Store. That’d show you!

3 eggs are missing.

Chuck: Okay, I’m buying… a kidney? Now how’d I get here?

Red comes back, notices eggs are missing.

Chuck: Red, be quiet. I’m calling the fire department!


Sirens are heard and a fire truck comes straight towards Red, then crashes into him. Chuck makes a face.

Red, coming back covered in mud, grass, seaweed, and a fish is poking at him: Chuck, that was the LAST straw.

Chuck: Uh… is that a bad thing?


Chuck: You can’t do that!

Red: You bet I can. Get OUT!

Then kicks Chuck out. As he is walking, a silhouette of Pig City is crashing down.

Chuck: How unfair!

Chuck’s phone rings.

Chuck: Huh? Who’s this?

Phone: Remember? You called the NFRL. The National Flock Resistance League.

Chuck: Well, I could join now that I’m kicked out. But why should I?

Phone: Friday’s Pizza Friday.

Chuck: It’s a deal!

Enters a dark, creepy cave.

Voice: Welcome, Chuck! We’ve been expecting you!

Chuck, scared. : Who is this?

Towards direction of voice, an original sprite (not chrome) version of Boomerang Bird appears.

The Boomerang: Welcome! I am Boomerang. Some guy on wikia! I am Hal’s twin brother!

Chuck: Hal has a twin? Oh boy, wait until he hears that.

The Boomerang: He already knows.

Chuck: But-

The Boomerang: He already knows.

Chuck: Okay.

The Boomerang: This is female Red Bird,

Female Red Bird: I used to be a part of the flock! Then stupid Stella replaced me and took Red from me!

The Boomerang: This is Brown Bird

Brown Bird: I was a secret agent for the birds. I only had limited photos of myself, one with 3 feathers on the top of my head. Everyone spread rumors. Then they kicked me out because I was too mysterious. Then they found Bubbles. Oh how I hate him!

The Boomerang: Quit interrupting me! Anyways, this is skunk bird,

Skunk Bird: I was used as an April Fools bird. AN APRIL FOOLS BIRD! I was a complete joke, they used me!

The Boomerang: And this is Storm Bird.

Storm Bird: Hiyah.

The Boomerang: And we are the National Flock Resistance League!

Chuck: What about your story?

The Boomerang: Me? Oh, I was replaced by my brother, because HE was the “cuter” one.

Chuck: I’ll never see Hal the same way.

The Boomerang: But who cares? We will overthrow the flock. We will win with our expert plan. And you, Chuck, are the greatest benefit for us. The Birds still know you; you were a part of the flock. So, you are going to kill them!

Chuck: Isn’t that cruel?

The Boomerang: What do you have in mind?

Chuck: Torture them, maybe?

The Boomerang: You suck with these ideas. Anyways, we will steal their eggs. The Birds, thinking that the pigs stole them, will attack the pigs. Then, they go to confront the king- and bam! They are going to be trapped like, um… bananas.

Chuck: Wouldn’t it be flies?

The Boomerang: Really, flies can’t be trapped that easily.

Chuck: Oh, right.

Scene shifts to Pig City where they are with the King.

King Pig: What do I get for this?

Storm Bird: The Eggs.

King Pig: Wonderful! How will we do this?

Female Red Bird: Look tubby; you just sit in your chair. We do the work, okay? You don’t need to do anything.

Brown Bird: Such an act of laziness, but it will work so pleasantly.

Storm Bird: Right. We will attack them once and for all!

Scene changes to nest.

Chuck goes up to Red, while Storm and Boomerang are stealing the eggs. Then, once they are gone, Chuck screams.


Red: What, what?

Red: You should be gone by now!

Hal: What? What do you mean, Red?

Red: What I mean, is that Chuck is gone! He passed the last straw!

Matilda: Hey, that’s supposed to be agreed with us!

Red: All in favor of kicking out Chuck.

Everyone says, “aye”.

Red: Sorry, Chuck. You have no place in line for the flock.

Pushes Chuck aside and the flock heads for Pig City. They attack pigs and structures. Then they reach to the King Pig’s palace.

Blue Jay: Why is it so silent?

Bomb: Wow, I have a really good feeling about this.

Suddenly, Blue Jay trips on a rope, and then a net falls over them and they are trapped.

King Pig: Mwahhahaha! Thanks to your former colleagues, now the pig empire shall rise forever! HAHAHA!

Brown Bird: I thought you said we would both rise!

King Pig: You seriously don’t know me then.

Another net traps Storm Bird, Boomerang, Brown Bird, and Female Red Bird.

Storm Bird: How much betrayal is in this thing?

King Pig: Oh darn, Chuck wasn’t trapped. Oh well, I’m going to self-destruct this place.

Presses button, then hops into helicopter with Professor Pig in it.

King Pig: So long, you noobs!

Professor Pig: I get to live out of this too, so I’m not complaining.

Helicopter flies away.

Chuck: Hmmm… The Flock is my family, but the other guys were so nice to me!

Red: Us you idiot!

Chuck: No! I’m going to free… umm…

Boomerang: Choose already! I got some wiki work to do.


Narrator: To Be Continued. Now.

Narrator: Last time in Angry Birds TV Show… Heck, why do this, just watch the damn thing.

Red: Chuck, us!

Female Red Bird: Heck, Chuck, if you free us, then I’ll marry you!

Chuck: Sorry, Red. Your old fiancé wins this round.

Frees the other birds, then they escape. As they pass fleeing pigs, they run out just in time to see Pig City Explode. But it lands on Mighty Eagle cave, which then ignites on fire and explodes in flames.

Chuck: Mighty! Ohh, I never wanted this!

Narrator: Uh… this is awkward, but you do know I’m watching this entire thing, right?

Chuck: Screw you!

Narrator: Fine, have it your way. Sound of a door slamming and a car swerving away are heard.

Chuck: Okay, this is awkward.

Boomerang: Chuck, it’s okay. Red was a jerk, and now you have your new Angry Bird friends! You don’t need them!

Chuck: I guess…

Scene changes to Red.

Red: Oh hey, the eggs survived. How convenient.

Matilda: Okay, I see…. Everyone’s here!

Hal: But where are we? Oh, right. Piggy Island. So, um… which way out?

Matilda: Hmm.. go towards north. The sun is setting in that direction. Walks until bumps into a fast flowing river. They all fall into it, and then get carried by the river.

Red: I was afraid we’d die like this!

All keep screaming.

They pass by the other birds.

Chuck: I know those voices!

Brown Bird: Umm… they’re your dead relatives.

A gust of wind carries them all into the water but Chuck, who is fast.

Chuck: I gotta save them!

Runs for water, then speeds to others.

Chuck: Should I save the Flock, or the others?

Red: Just save us!

Chuck: Not enough.


Chuck: Deal!

Chuck, going at light speed, delivers all the birds to land. The others are at the edge of a water fall. Suddenly, Chuck comes with helicopter.

Boomerang: -What?

Chuck: Light speed, hop on.

Boomerang and Storm Bird hop on and fly away.

Then, another helicopter comes.

King Pig: I like you!

Female Red Bird: Okay. Pick me up!

Flies away with Female Red Bird.

Skunk Bird: That gotta mean someon’s gonna come ‘n get ‘s, right?

Brown Bird: Watch it with the accent, punk.

Skunk Bird: Forget this! NFRL will stand forever. We will keep trying to demolish Piggy Island once and for all! WE WILL RULE ETERNITY!

Then water sweeps them away, and they fall.

Brown Bird: Right. Right.

Then the “camera” goes farther and farther away from them.

Red: Now, after with all those contracts, everything will be all over with you guys. And Chuck gets to come back to the flock.

Storm Bird: (say anything you want to say here, PTLB.)

Boomerang: Uh… okay?

Hal: What are you going to do now?

Boomerang: Surf.

Hal: Awesome!

Boomerang: …On the internet.

Hal: Oh. Aw…

Then the episode ends, with the Angry Birds Friends Theme.

Credits Sheet (Now will be used for rest of the show)

Producer and Writer: The Boomerang

Developer and Designer: Peter The Lazer Bird









The Blues (Jay, Jake, Jim)


King Pig

Professor Pig

Guest Stars



Minor Characters

Female Red Bird

Skunk Bird

Brown Bird

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