Fighting For a Will


September 4, 2013

Main Characters

Hal, Bomb, Red, The Blues

Guest Stars:

Bubbles,Matilda, Chuck

Released For:

PS3, XBOX360,PC, PS VITA, and the Wii U

Fighting For a Will is the third episode of the game Demons Among Us. It was released on September 4, 2013 for the U.S.


Red and Hal are ravaging for food in an overinfested mall when they get cornered by zombies. Hal pulls a ladder nearby and they climb onto a platform. The player must dodge zombies as they run. Then Hal and Red fall from a broken platform and bounce into the basement. Red is wounded, so Hal must find some supplies. After the supplies are found and given to Red, they see more zombies and run out of the mall.

They run towards a direction to reveal a camp with Bomb, Chuck/Matilda, Bubbles, and the Blues. Hal gets cheerfully greeted by Bubbles, and the player will get to explore the camp.Then after you enter the Bomb's Tent, he will talk to Hal about the supplies. He says that they were losing ammo because the threat was so large. Then they decide to find more survivors so they have bigger numbers and a more threat to the zombies. They move the entire camp to look for more survivors. Then they will come across a corner and zombies appear from behind. They run out of ammo, but then gunshots are heard  from above. Once the zombies are cleared they come down and introduce themselves to the birds. The two birds, Toby and Don, are from an other settlement not to far from where they were. They agree to come since they have no choice, and follow them.

They see that Toby and Don were not lying, and that the settlement was true. They see food, clean water, and plenty of houses that were still up. They see that they could be happy there, and then they are given a tour. After Hal is given a room he finds a mysterious note that says this:

You are not safe. After that, the game ends.

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