Hatred Shows


August 25, 2013

Main Characters:

Hal, Bomb, Red, The Blues

Guest Stars:

Matilda, Chuck, Stella, Terrence, The Pigs

Released For:

PS3, XBOX360, PC, PS VITA,and the Wii U

Hatred Shows is the second episode of the game Demons Among Us. It was released on August 25, 2013 for the U.S.


The Birds are seen outside the pitstop, protecting the borders. For one silent moment, it shows a close up of the pitstop. Then a voice is heard screaming to help. A pig is seen running from the zombies, getting bitten many times. Matilda/Chuck shoots the pig, but zombies already mob around the building. In the gameplay, Hal must keep shooting at the zombies. Once all the zombies are cleared, Hal must go around to save the part of the group that's trapped, who all make it into the RV except for Stella, who is unknowingly left behind. Then the RV swerves into the gates and drives away.Once everything calms down, they will come across a long bridge, but they have no gasoline. Then somebody from behind asks if they need help. They look back and see two pigs. They ask for gasoline, and then Hal will reply saying yes or no. Then Matilda/Chuck will either critisize him for being so blind or agree with him. Then the otehr birds choose to stay. Then, the two pigs take the Blues on hostage until they get the gasoline, and then they run away. Then, Red and Hal chase after them, having to keep track of where they go. They are led to a meat packing slaughter house. The Blues are laid on a convyer belt. Red must beat up the two pigs while Hal turns off machines and levers that are buttons to fire blasting devices, gigantic crushers, and large knives. Then he will untie The Blues and help Red kill the two pigs. After that, the doors slam shut and King Pig's voice will raise over the speakers.

"Ahah! I see you have gone through my latest scheme. Well I assure you that you won't get away with this one. You have no hope to live! CIVILIZATION BELONGS TO ME!"

Then zombies will come through the doors, and the three must block them off. Then Hal sees a ladder, and tells the others to climb it. After they do, they must dodge knives, avoid being crushed, and must make it to the other side, where a wooden door takes place. Then they break through and see King Pig, who is sharpening his knife. He grins at them, and then chases after them. They jump through an open window, and land in an motorboat. Hal has to turn on the motor, and then they speed away from the slaughterhouse. Then after talking, they will see land and head towards it. After they come, they see hundreds of millions of zombies. Then Red curses.


  • 2 evil pigs
  • Bitten Pig
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