Long Rocky Road


August 21

Main Characters:

Hal, Bomb, Red, The Blues

Guest Stars:

Matilda, Chuck, Stella, Terrence, Bubbles, The Pigs, Unknown Survivor

Released for:

PS3, XBOX360, PC, PS VITA, and the Wii U

 Long Rocky Road is the first episode for the game the Demons Among Us. It was released on August 21, 2013 for the U.S. 


The story begins in a clip of the earth twenty five years ago. A few eggs are hatching. A Mother Red Bird and a Father Red Bird (Revealed to be Terrence) stare at the hatching eggs. The eggs crack and young Red, Hal, Chuck, and Bomb. The hatchlings smile and grin, but then the pigs steal the baby birds. In the first gameplay decision, Terrence must run for his hatchlings. He breaks through the metal doors. Pressing certain buttons, he dodges and punches through pigs in his way and smashes into Chef Pig's house, where the babies are being held hostage. Having the decision to kill Chef Pig or spare him, Younger Terrence must choose. If he beats up Chef Pig, he will become brutal but prevent him from doing any more terrible deeds. If he lets him go, then he will have some decency and heart. After the decision is made, he will grab his hatchlings and jump through the window, and run back. After he comes back to his nest, he sees the pigs running away with a glimpse of red. Feathers fall behind them. Then it starts to rain, and Terrence makes a sad look. Then the opening credits roll in with the title.

Announcer: It approaches to the end of the world that zombies have already nominated 98.7 percent of the world. We advise you to stay inside and avoid anyone who may have been exposed. Recent studies approve that the "zombie apocalypse" has started because of a recent toxic spill. Furthur details are unknown, but-"


Hal, driving a jeep, will have sudden thoughts to check the gas; it will be halfway through. Then in the distance there are a glimpse of 4 silhouetes. Then he sees another pair. He feels that he can only go to one of them with the gas. Then he decides which he will go to. All the player must do is aim for whichever direction. The left side will be a gas station, and after words Hal can go to the other silhouetes. The 4 silhouetes were actually The Blues and a Pig. When he goes there, he will se a house in the distance. Screams are from inside. Peering through the window, he can hear voices. The pig will basiclly hint out that he is trying to eat the birds with his knife and spoon. Hal will have to duck every once in a while so he is not seen. Then, he will creep through the door, and he will have to find the Blues before the pig. After all Blues are found, the pig is seen from behind. Hal, using his gun, will have to shoot the pig. Then, they leave to find that bandits have stolen the jeep. Then they go back inside and walk around the house. They see car keys, so assuming the car was in the garage, they go inside and find an SUV. Driving it, they go straight (the player does not choose). As Hal drives, the Blues will ask questions. Then Blue Jake will ask, "Where are we going?" Hal will reply saying, someplace safe, nowhere, or I don't know. Then they hit a zombie. Being the middle of the night, they have to go out and check it. They pull out the zombie and then someone behind them asks if they need help. It turns out to be Red, Chuck, and Bubbles. They pile in the car and keep driving, until they run out of gas. They stop the engine, and then see a pig against a car. The pig turned out to be a zombie, and dozens other come for them. Right at the moment, a few gunshots are heard and it is realized Matilda is shooting a gun. Bomb yells to run, and then they all go inside a grocery shop, where all nearly all the food was stolen. They seal the doors and then have an arguement with Stella and Terrence why they let them in. Stella argues because they can't trust anyone. Then the doors creak and they hush down. Then, when the zombies stop, the Birds calm down, and then Chuck will say that they all know each other and that nobody was going to kill anyone. Everyone trusting the remark, calms down. Matilda says several trucks were left in ignition when the pigs and birds inside were eaten, and that they could escape to somewhere safe but it would take time. Bomb says the pitstop nearby had plenty of supplies and that a group together should go there. Stella, Hal, and Bomb end up going. They come across a survivor who trys to hunt them down and finds Bomb and Stella and holds them hostage for Hal to come. Then Hal must find her along the restraunt. Eventualy she is shot by Bomb and killed by Hal. Then the trio go back to the grocery shop. Matilda loaded up some food found around the grocery shop. Then zombies break in and then Bomb, Stella, Terrence, Red, Bubbles, and The Blues run to the trucks to get them started. Matilda and Chuck are grabbed by zombies after, and one of them must be saved. After that Chuck/Matilda escape with Hal and then they drive to the pitstop. Then the episode ends.


  • Unnamed Survivor
  • Unnamed Pig
  • Chuck (determinant)
  • Matilda (determinant)
  • Numerous amount of Zombies

Next Episode: Hatred ShowsEdit

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