Bomb, Reading a Newspaper and Matilda is cooking a Stew.

Matilda: What you reading there, Bomb?

Bomb: Uh, it's just some ad for a car show.

Matilda: Hrm... well, you know you can get too explosive near fires.

Bomb: Who said I was going?

Matilda: I know you.

Bomb: Okay, but it's not that type of car show.

Matilda: Are you just lying?

Bomb: No, look here. 

Matilda looks to the right of the paper.

Bomb: That's an ad for scissors you need to cut out.

Matilda looks to the left of the paper.

Bomb: That's a ad for a crayon kit you need to color in.

Matilda looks in the middle of the paper.

Bomb: See? It's not a stunt show.

Matilda: I'm really not sure...

Bomb: What could be the harm?

Matilda: Well, first of all it's in Piggy Island.

Bomb: Okay, but we can still go.

Matilda: The cars are already used.

Bomb: Okay, but we can still go.

Matilda: How are we supposed to get there?

Bomb: I have a soulution.

Scene changes to where Matilda and Bomb are watching Chuck and Hal carry the Slingshot and lands it on the ground.

Bomb: First class, the way I see it!

Matilda: Hrmm....

Bomb: Why is it always, hrmm?

Matilda: Well, i'm not the fighter. Let's see if it's safe. Hey! Blue Jay, get over here!

The Blues come over and are flung, Hal then is flung, and Chuck flings himself.

Bomb: Ladies first?

Matilda: It's your thing.

Bomb: Oh, fine.

Then Bomb hops on and flings himself, then an explosion is seen from the distance.

Matilda: Ahh!

Matilda speeds towards explosion to see the car show completely destroyed except for one silver shiny car.

Matilda: Oooh, shiny.

Bomb: I get 50% of this!

Matilda: Hrmm...

Matilda is seen driving home with Bomb next to her, The Blues, Hal and Chuck in the back.

Blue Jay: I want ice cream!

Hal: There's a new type of beak appeal I want to see.

Chuck: There's a racing contest!

Matilda: I kinda expected this but wasn't ready for it.

Scene changes to sunset where in the car, Chuck is holding a trophy, The Blues each have Ice Cream, and Hal's Beak is Super Shiny.

Matilda, exsausted: I'm going to rest now.

Everyone in the car leaves but Matilda. Just then, Stella, Bubbles, and Red hop in.

Stella: Oooh, this car is so fancy.

Red: Just drive this pile of trash!

Matilda sighs.

Scene changes to nightime, where Red, Stella, and Bubbles are holding a gigantic table set.

Stella: I just have one question. Why did we get a table set?


The three scream then jump out. Suddenly, the roof of the car dents, and above is Terrence. Matilda shreiks, then backs Terrence up in a pile of mud and races her car away.

Matilda: I have to try and control these people! Hmm...

The next day, all the birds (but Terrence) squish in, making it crowded. Matilda,  however, mischievesly grins.

Chuck: Where are we going?

Bubbles: Candy!

The Blues: Skating Rink!

Bomb: I don't know!

Matilda: Oh, you'll see...

Then, scene changes to a dicipline camp at sunset.

Matilda: Get out!

All the Birds but Matilda: WHAT?

Matilda: You heard me!

Then jolts car, and everyone falls out.

Matilda: That's right!

Then, Matilda speeds away.

Sign: Two weeks later...

Matilda: Hmm... they really should've came back from the dicipline camp by now; better check on them.

Then hops into car and drives to the camp, where the birds are all jailed and pigs have locked up the gates.

Matilda jumps out and starts banging on the gates.

Matilda: OPEN UP!

Minion Pig #1: Too late! Heh, heh.

Minion Pig #2: You can't do anything!

Matilda: Oh wow, okay! I'm weak and puny!

Then, Matilda jumps into car.

Matilda: WHO'S WEAK AND PUNY NOW? But seriously, i'd like to know.

Then drives straight into the camp, and the wall breaks down. Matilda picks up a shard of glass and cuts the chains.

Blue Jay: Finally! Free!

Bomb: I should be happy, but now i'm never talking to you again! By the way, what's for dinner?

Red: What about the car?

Just then, car from behind explodes.

Matilda: Lets... walk home.

Stella: That's a million miles away!

Matilda: I don't think so!

Just then, Chuck and Hal carry slingshot and drop it on the ground.

Bomb: Okay, who goes first?

The Birds carry Bomb and fling him, then where he lands a explosion is caused.

Matilda: Oops..

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