Night of the Nightmare is the first series of the Angry Birds Epic Seasons series. This is the special event of the Friendship Flock trick or treating.

Plot CutscenesEdit

The Howl: The Blues were just doing tricks until they noticed a howl. They asked the ghost if he did it. The ghost said "No, I didn't. Why why whhhyyyy?" The Blues noticed it again.

The Rattle c2 and c3: Wiz Chuck was playing music instruments with his magic, until he noticed a rattle in nowhere. He thought it was just his maracas. c3: Again it happened. Chuck stopped and angrily said "Shut your rattling down!"

The Coming c4 (after unlocking Old Nesting Barrows): The Friendship Flock was very angry. They splited and searched for the howl and the rattling.

The Spirit c5: Blues noticed a silhouette of a nightmare bird that haunted Old Nesting Barrows. Chuck did the same but he screamed until the nightmare laughed. Bubbles cackled and crowed in anger. Everyone backed up.

A terrible Fall c6 (about to defeat Red): Blues found a enemy (which appeared many times in epic games) that was their old friend. Red aka Sword Spirit started laughing at Blues, thinking that they will defeat him again. Blues angrily silhouette themselves to enrage.

The final Stand c7: Red fell and shattered. Druid Matilda starts protecting Old Nesting Barrows. She explained, when Old Nesting Barrows and Sword Spirit awakens, they should permanently fall Red in a deep shattered sleep.


  • This is the longest time we see the Friendship Flock.
  • This is the longest time Red appears.
  • This revealed Red only appears in dark seasons and if there's a storm.
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