These are the characters from the new game Angry birds Pirates of the Caribbean.


The Logo

Captain Red SparrowEdit

Red Sparrow is Captain Jack Sparrow from POTC.  He can swing his sword to break blocks, much like Red Skywalker from ABSW.
Red sparrow

Captain Red Sparrow


Bombossa is Captain Barbossa from POTC. His power is to shoot an explosive cannonball toward wherever you tap/click.  In the episode Battle of the Maelstrom, He gets his power upgraded to shooting two cannonballs chained together.


Will "Chuck" TurnerEdit

Chuck is William Turner from POTC. His power is to throw a sword toward wherever you tap/click.
Chuck turner

William "Chuck" Turner

Elizebeth SwannEdit

Elizabeth Swnn is played by a new bird. Her power is to speed up whenever you tap/click, just like Chuck in the original game.

Elizabeth Swann

Mr. GibbsEdit

Joshamee Gibbs is played by Matilda, but as a male. He doesn't have a power, like Red from the origianal game.

Joshamee Gibbs

Commodore James NorringtonEdit

James Norrington is part the east india trading company, but helped Elizabeth Swann's pirate crew escape the navy,  so he is a bird. He is played by the blue bird. His power is splitting into three birds.
James Norrington

James Norrington

Pintel and RagettiEdit

Pintel and Ragetti are bonus characters that you can unlock by finding a golden peice of eight.  Pintel swings an axe when you tap or click, an Ragetti drops his eye, and if you click/tap again, or if he hits something, he yells "Me eye!" and flys toward it's eye, destroying everything in it's path.

Philip ana SyrenaEdit

In the episodes Queen Annes Revenge through In The Jungle Philip is playable. His power is just like Red Birds power in ABO--Which is none! Syrena is just for the cutscenes.


Blackbeard is non-playable, and is only for the cutscenes. He is a new bird.



Angelica is blackbeards daughter, and wants to save his soul from eternal Hell. She is a new bird, and her power is toswing an anchor, just like Zam Wessel from ABSW2.



Piggy JonesEdit

Piggy Jones is a boss that can jump around and swing a sword.


Piggy Jones

Piggy Jones' CrewEdit

Piggy Jones' crew are just like minion pigs, but some can swing swords or shoot cannons.


The crew


The Pigagostos are minion pigs that live on isla de Pelagostoe. They are cannibles who threaten to eat Red Sparrow and his crew. They swing spears and sometimes shoot arrows.

examples of pigs from the Pigagostos tribe

Lard Cutler BeckettEdit

Lard Cutler Beckett is the leader of the east india trading company. He is a boss pig who jumps around.
Lard cutler

Lard Cutler Beckett

Becketts SoldiersEdit

The soldier pigs are minion pigs, some of them shoot at the birds. They work for Cutler Beckett to kill off pirates.

Soldier pig


Zompigs are pigs that Blackbeard has zombiefied, so they do his will better than normal birds or pigs. They are minion pigs.
Zombie Pig

A Zompig

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