Popstar Stella is the second episode of the Angry Birds: TV Show.


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Popstar Stella

Scene 1, Near Piggy Falls. Stella walks around the area.

Stella: Ah, the nature. What perfect landform to watch for hours without getting bored. Although, I’m pretty sure nature’s not a landform. And why am talking to myself? Do I really even need to be saying anything right now?

Stella then sees Red beating up pigs and throwing them off waterfall.

Stella: Red, don’t you think you’re being too harmful to the waterfall?

Red: Huh? Yeah, whatever you say!

Stella sighs.

Stella: I know what I have to say now! I should stop this harm to environment at once! But I need advice!

Scene shifts to a flat Plain where the Blues are playing with Frisbee.

Blue Jay: Let me get this straight. You want me, to help you?

Stella: Come on, seriously! I need advice!

Blue Jim: Honestly? Why should I?

Stella: What do I need to give you for help?

Blue Jim: Not sure why you asked me, though. Isn’t anyone else to have better advice?

Stella: Well, you’re the best at getting out of problems.

Blue Jim: That’s what I’m good at. You’re good at getting involved with problems.

Stella: I need this advice pronto!

Blue Jim: Then stop sniffing at my stuff.

Stella: I don’t sniff at your stuff.

Blue Jim: It’s a metaphor.

Stella: A what now?

Blue Jim: You’re clueless.

Stella: Hey!

Blue Jim: Okay, I got it settled. I help you, you never bother my stuff ever again.

Stella: Sounds like a deal. But who to get advice from?

Blue Jim: Oh, I have my ways.

Stella: Thanks Blue Jay!

Blue Jim: My name is Blue Jim.

Stella: But-

Blue Jim: I’m. Blue. Jim.

Scene 3, at Mighty Eagle cave.

Stella:…And so that’s why I need your help.

Mighty: Of course, first I need, a little… *ahem* something to get me going.

Stella: What does he want?

Blue Jim: A bribe.

Blue Jim passes sardines to Mighty Eagle.

Mighty Eagle: Okay, finally. Yum, that’s good stuff.

Stella, disgusted: Now, I need help to get the entire Piggy Island to help with the environment!

Mighty Eagle: What? Fine, okay. I suggest you cheat on Blackjack, then poker.

Stella: Mighty, concentrate!

Mighty Eagle: This ain’t the bar? Oh, I’m in a lot of trouble.

Stella: Mighty, we bribed you!

Blue Jim: Oh, now it’s we.

Stella: You’re telling us.

Mighty Eagle: You should start with a song to get people’s attention. All the crap I here today is that 2 Direction thingy and Justin Beaver. All their songs are about getting woman. Back in my day, you should’ve listened to the hoodiky.

Stella: What‘s the hoodiky?

Mighty Eagle: Leave at once!

Scene shifts to Matilda’s garden, where she is planting.

Matilda: Environment? Oh Stella, I love your care for nature! Anyways, I would suggest a lovely song to convince everyone to help. In fact, that’s how I met Bomb.

Stella: Uh, Mighty already pretty much suggested that. You met him when you were helping the environment?

Matilda: No, I met him when he was drunk and listening to my song, and he decided to meet me. In fact, that was the worst thing that happened to me in my life since he was a gun dealer that time, and I was kicked out of the business. Now I sound like a black cat that swallowed a mirror while he was under a ladder.

Stella: Why don’t you marry Bomb?

Matilda: I’ll give you two things. Bomb never showers, and two. If you truly met his other side, then you wouldn’t want him either.

Scene changes to stage.

Stella: Thanks to all of you that came, and now just sit back and listen.

Stella, singing: Once I knew a person, a FLOWING RIVER, A MOUNTAIN 'OF LOVE, HIS NAME WAS ENVIRONMENT,-

Minion Pig in background: This lady sucks!


After concert:

Minion Pig: I spit on your album. You stink!

Spits at Stella.

Chef Pig: That was worse than when I had that thought removal, then tried to sing! You are banned to eat my pastries at ChefBucks!

Red: You’re pathetic!

Stella: Red, how could you?

Red: I’m not wearing a mask? Uh, oh, um… SO LONG!

Jumps off ledge.

Scene changes to Piggy Falls, where Stella is crying.

Stella: Face it. I’m the worst singer in the world! What will I do environment?

Meanwhile in space.

Ice Bird: Wow, look at that asteroid! I bet it’s gonna land on some loser. I’m going to knock it down!

Stella: I suck!

Just then, meteoroid hits Stella in mouth.

Scene changes just after that where Hal is inspecting the gash.

Hal: Hmmm… Well the cut is awful, you really shouldn’t sing.

Stella: I’ll sing if I want to! Then sings a random song of gibberish words.

Hal: Wow. That’s… really good. Now, just so you know I’m going to be on some wikia on the internet.

Then Hal walks away.

Scene changes, just after concert.

Blue Jim: Stella, you were amazing!

Stella: Out of my way, dweeb.

Blue Jim: But Stella, I helped you become who you are!


Then pushes Blue Jim.

Meanwhile in space again.

Ice Bird: Hey, a vortex! I’m gonna see where it leads to.

Ice Bird goes through, but then crashes and freezes Blue Jim.

Ice Bird: Oh no. Umm….

Breaks ice, then Blue Jim screams.

Blue Jim: You gotta stop doing that.

Ice Bird: Sorry, I’m just too addicted to annoying you.

Blue Jim: I need help demolishing someone’s dreams just so they will be normal again. Can you help?

Ice Bird: You bet!

Scene goes to Stella again, trashing Piggy Falls.

Stella: I’m too popular for you. In fact, right now I’m going to poo in this lake right now!

Then enters lake, and then Ice Bird freezes lake.

Ice Bird: If Stella had a good voice from a meteorite…

Blue Jim: Then she must sound bad from an Ice meteorite!

Ice Bird: Please do not complete my sentences. It is just plain creepy.

Blue Jim: Sorry.

Ice Bird rips out chunk of ice from ground, then breaks the lake with Stella in it. Ice Bird then throws ice into Stella. Right at the moment she chokes the scene changes.

Hal: 2 times a week. Heh heh.

Stella: Will I ever sing again?

Hal: Let’s hope not.

Stella: I can if I want to!

Then makes monstrous shriek, and shakes the entire Piggy Island.

Hal: You’re terrible again!

Stella: But that was 1D!

Hal: Oh, that explains a lot. And if you were wondering what I was doing on wikia? Here, look at this:

Screen of computer fits all the way to wikia page, where there is the Angry Birds Club Wiki.

Hal: I know, right?

Song credits are:

Stella, singing: Once I knew a person, a FLOWING RIVER, A MOUNTAIN 'OF LOVE, HIS NAME WAS ENVIRONMENT,-

Minion Pig in background: This lady sucks!


Minion Pig in background: I dunno why lady is so bad but I’m going back to my home country! You disgrace to me!


Hal: Oh, give me the stupid microphone! Attention everyone! Leave unless you want a load of the devil’s cry to make your ears bleed! BELIEVE ME! BELIEVE ME!

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