Terror At The Town Of Pig City is the first halloween themed episode of Angry Birds TV Show. Note the events that happen in the episode are non canonical.


None for now.


Show starts with Hal appearing from behind the curtain of a stage.

Hal: Good evening. I'd like to warn you, tonight's Halloween show should be for only applicants of the age 16 or older, because the parts will be based on several R rated movies, such as Saw, Chucky, and the Nightmare on Elm Street. So please, tuck your children to bed, or say goodnight to your fellow teen children. Now, I will give you some time to do so right now.

Wait 10 seconds before continuing.

Hal: Now, the remaining adults or children not listening: If you had had recent surgery, heart conditions, or any other conditions, we here at the Club Wiki would like you not to watch this. The rest of you, please. Enjoy the show.

Then Hal is eaten by zombie, and Bloody Terror At The Town Of Pig City sign shimmers into the screen.

Hal: I thought this was non canonical! 

Saw: The Final ChirpterEdit

Red and Chuck, bloody, wake up in bathroom. A dead Bomb is in front of them.

Red: We gotta get out of here!

Chuck: I don't really know how! Quit wasting your breath for nothing. Don't you get it? This is a parody!

Red: That's pretty relaxing.

TV Screen shimmers, Bird version of Jigsaw appears.

Jigsaw: You will play a game of life and death. Just like my favorite board game, the game of life. Now listen here. In the electric bath tub you will find a key. You must get to it before time runs out before you die. And be happy, because those are my car keys too. So if you get it, please return it to the main office by the entrance. Thank you!

The TV screen is turned off.

Red: We have got to get out of here!

Chuck: You mean me!

Red: Uh, no, I'M getting the key.

Chuck: No, I AM!

Chuck reaches for key, but then gets electrocuted.

Red: I'm going to cut off these chains!

Chuck: You can't!

Red cuts off chains, but ends up slicing himself in half.

Red: Now how will I go to the bathroom?

Chuck: Hah, now look what you did.

Red: I don't care. I'm alive! So long, Chuck!

Red crawls away, then Bomb rises from the dead.

Chuck: Bomb, help me!

Bomb: You need help? Well I did too when I was left here by you guys!

Bomb then goes to door opening as Chuck is screaming, and then closes door.

Bomb, off screen: Hi Red!

Red, off screen: Hi Bomb, I just ditched Chuck. Oh, by the way, did you happen to pick up the car keys?

Bomb: Not really.

Red: Aw, that's too bad. Poor man Jigsaw is going to be so upset.


Blue Jay is in the toy store.

Blue Jay: Which toy will I get? Will I get the Stoney doll?

Stony Doll, parody of Woody Doll: Your my favorite deputy! Deputy set not included.

Blue Jay: Will I get this greiving evil looking doll?

Micky Mouse stuffed animal: Heh heh heh! Heh, heh!

Blue Jay: Or will I get the walking elmo?

Elmo: Elmo like drinking, but Elmo don't like spelling!

Blue Jay: What the heck, i'm going to get the grieving evil looking doll.

Later at night

Blue Jim: You do realize that the Micky Mouse doll just opened the door, right?

Blue Jay: Shut up, i'm trying to play this stupid Playfation game. Take that, zombies!

Blue Jim: Call of Mommy, Zombies? What kind of game is this?

Blue Jay: I dunno. Am I supposed to know that?

Blue Jim: Kinda.

Micky Mouse doll creeps out of room.

Chuck enters.

Chuck: Uh, Blue Jay? Do you know if there's an off button for your doll?

Blue Jay: No, why?

Chuck: Just wondering.

Then turns around and walks away, to reveal bleeding back that was stabbed by a knife.

Next day, the Micky Mouse doll is right next to Blue Jay.

Blue Jay: Once happens, once dies.

Then throws the doll into a shredder.

The Nightmare on Pig StreetEdit

A woman pig is walking silently in the middle of the road. Then, a pig themed Freddy Krueger kills her off screen.

The next day, an ambulance and a news team arives.

News Reporter: We at channel 56 advise you to stay home during the night and avoid contact of any mysterious strangers. Meanwhile, there are plenty of suspects. Who knows who could be the killer? It's mysterious as it is. I'm Minion Pig 427 with your Channel 56 news.

Later at Night.

Piggy Kruger walks up to a house and rings the doorbell.

The bird Jigsaw walks up to the door.

Jigsaw Bird: Dude, i'm watching the football game.

Piggy Kruger: Who's with you?

Jigsaw Bird: Well, there's Blucky and Scream...

Piggy Kruger: Woah, i'm off. Forget it, the last time I saw Scream was not pleasant.

Scream, off Screen: I heard the Kruger!

Piggy Kruger: I'm just going to reap soals with death.

Scene changes to bird version of Death and Kruger driving a car.


Then drives into a pig..

Piggy Kruger: Not a person. A pig.

Death: Same diffrence. Oh, I gotta cover up the evidence.

Piggy Kruger: But you're Death!

Death: He's still alive.

Scene changes to morning.

News Reporter: Again, another person has been killed. This murderer did not kill alone, and hid the evidence. He and his companion had ran over a crook that had robbed the bank yesterday, so now they are heros! And since they hid the evidence, we can not aknowledge them of anything.

Piggy Kruger: Hey, we did that! That jerk reporter is going to die.

Late at night at the news station.

New Reporter: I best be going home.

Piggy Kruger suddenly comes through the door.

Piggy Kruger: You will die!

News Reporter: That's what you think!

Then the News Reporter turns into a gigantic monster, and Piggy Kruger screams.

Suddenly, Peter Griffin from Family Guy wakes up.

Peter: Woah, what a dream!

Then, Homer Simpson from The Simpsons wakes up.

Homer: That was a dream? Doh'!

Then, Red wakes up.

Red: This is really, really awkward.

Stella: What?

Red: Wait, this is non-canonical, right?

Stella: Well, yes, in fact it is.

Red suddenly grows 10 times his size. Then he crushes the entire Piggy Island and suddenly grows so large until he is larger than the earth, then crushes the earth and flies away. Then, bloody Terror At The Town of Pig City sign pops up and the episode ends.

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