TITANIUM BIRD the titanium bird is a black bird but instead is grey.


the titanium bird launches from the slingshot, but goes slightly faster. click or tap the screen and Titanium Bird will activate a titanium shield. the shield will allow the bird to smash through 4 or 5 layers before stopping. a few seconds later the titanium bird will explode, sending titanium shards in all directions. each shard will break 2 layers of stone, then crash down to earth, killing some survivors.

History the titanium bird was once similar to Bomb, who is his brother. then, about 8.5 years ago, he got himself badly injured in a fight with King Pig. about a few months later he was patched up and now was white. about 7.25 years ago, the bird now known as titanium bird was injured again. to help keep him safe, he was given some titanium armor manufactured by The Good Pigs. included inside the armor was a pop-up shield to provide extra protection. he has been known as Titanium Bird to this very day.

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