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General Info
Powers Various
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds DESTROYER
Gender: Male or Female
Species: Ynx
Locations: Ynx Homeworld
Strength: Varies
Size: Slightly larger than the average human

The Ynx (Pronounciation: ingks; "inks") are the central antagonists in Angry Birds DESTROYER. They are extraterrestrial cyborg-like creatures whose goal is to conquer the universe.


A typical Ynx has a long protrusion coming out of the back of its head, resembling a horn or a spike. It has a single eye at the bottom centre of its head. Long, single claws extend from its wrists and shoulders. They wear armour-like plating on their forearms, torsos, back, thighs, and shins. Another noticeable trait is that the have long, spiky tails.