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Zombie Birds has been confirmed a much more improved and inhanced version of Zombiefied Birds. This is not appropriate for kids ages 15-younger.

Episode 1: The ApocalypseEdit

As Red is walking towards the eggs, a luminous shadow mysteriously runs into the forest. Red is unsure of what to do, so he asks Chuck (who will be looking at a mirror) to protect the eggs. Chuck will jeer an insult or, if he is not convinced just ignores Red. Either way, Matilda will end up watching over the eggs. As Red walks in the forest, the player is able to observe the diffrent objects. None of these will change much, however a hammer is hidden in the dirt and can easily be seen as a lump. If it is clicked on, the player must press a certain button (depending on the console) to brush away the dirt. Once it is all brushed away, the player can then pick up the hammer. However, suddenly a pig pounces on Red, causing the hammer to be dropped. The player must then again press a certain button to kick away the pig. (ironically because they don't have feet or hands) Then when Red stands up the pig will pounce once more, this time closer to the hammer. Failing to grab the hammer will have Red cause a non-canon death. Once the hammer is grabbed, the player must click on the pig to knock it out, and the pig will die once done so 4 times. After that, the player is able to observe the dead body, and Red will find a strange bite mark on it. He, without having to control him, will run away. He will then bump into Chuck, who mentions he heard yelling. Red will then explain it to him, giving the chance to tell Chuck he, killed a pig, brag about chopping him in half, or silence. Each will trigger Chuck's emotion. Then, Red will tend to the eggs and fall asleep.

As Hal is in the Dark, Scary Forest, there will be two ways to take. Hal mentions the left side is the way back home, however going right results in a non-canon death by being mysteriously knocked in the head. Once left is chosen, Hal will notice a silhoute following him. The player will then repetitively keep tapping a button to make Hal run faster. Occasionally going too fast will cause him to trip and fall. The silhoute gets closer, and Hal hides behind a truck. Grabbing a broken shard of glass, (to the left of the truck) Hal will then be able to stab the silhoute. Scared of who exactlly it is, Hal can either run away or observe the body. Observing it will cause Hal to be attacked by a zombie, however leaving it will cause it to animate and come as an obstacle. When Hal finally reaches home, he will be able to contact Red, Chuck, or Matilda. Red, will connect his story with Hal's, Chuck will be sleeping to heavily and if he is clicked on Hal would mention, "Yeah, he 'deserves' that sleep", and if Matilda is clicked on she will be shocked on how brutally killed the mysterious person was killed. This will cause hatred between the two. All 3 characters will be able to talk to (with the exception of Chuck). After that, several zombies will enter and they will run away.

Bomb will be running from bandits. Bomb is armed with a shotgun, and will have to both look forward and back to see anybody who is after him. Eventually he sees cornered Hal, Red, Matilda, and Chuck and will have to shoot the zombies away. Then, they run across the pickup truck Hal hid behind. On the zombie corpse, Bomb will find the keys (the player is given limited time to find it) and then they will get on the truck and drive away. As they speed away quickly, Bomb will ask if they are okay. While Red tells them they're not, as more zombies are on their trail, Matilda will ask what would be happening. Depending on exactly how many zombies Bomb has killed, he will either reply as, "I don't know" (as of killing minimum amounts of zombies) or "Zombie Apocolypse (as of killing many zombies) As they continue driving, Bomb will hit something on the road, which causes the tires to get stuck. The group goes out of the car, and Hal, with the long beak, trys to pull out the thing in the tire. As he does so, Matilda will grow more and more hysterical, as Red keeps cursing and Chuck cowers in the pickup truck. Then, Hal will pull out the thing to discover a dead body, and Bomb will search him to find keys to a farm. After collecting this item, zombies will encounter all around Bomb, and the group will run inside excluding him, who will shoot all the zombies. Then he yells for Red to start the car and jumps in the back at the last moment, still shooting away the zombies.

Chuck will be in the back, peering into the distance. As they plow into a corn field, plants fly in the window and land on the truck, causing Red to not be able to see clearly. He then swerves around, causing a daze and flys backwards. Chuck speeds to the front of the car, and pressing a repetitive button, the player must stop the engine. Everyone calms down and gets out of the car, only to see a dead Bomb that had been thrown off the car and run over, much to the group's dismay. They search around the area to look for anything, and Chuck will find a energy bar and a bottle of water, whom he may give to anybody including himself. Matilda will not accept the food, being Red and Hal the only others able to feed. Chuck then may turn Bomb over, resulting him to reanimate into a zombie and pounce at Chuck, which Chuck will have to knock out. The roar will have attracted noise, and bandits start shooting arrows at them, and afraid to use the pickup truck, they push it towards the direction of the farm as a safe sheild. Not following along results in a non-canon death. After making it to the farm, Chuck quickly inserts the key and they run in and lock the door. Hearing arrows still fly outside, they decide to camp there for protection. The player has to find a hole patched up by wood, and a hammer is above a shelf, which has to be collected. Chuck must place a table next to it, and grabs the hammer. He unscrews the nails, and he and Red go out and leave Matilda and Hal there to guard the secret opening.

Matilda will be staring through the opening. Meanwhile, Hal will talk to her about Bomb, which the player may get angry, upset, or just glare at Hal. Each choice will seem to hurt or upset him. Then he will change the subject and ask what she thinks about this. The player's choices are to, be silent, "what is there to think?", or "It's nothing." Then, they will hear screaming from the small shed close by, and Matilda runs there, telling Hal to stay. Matilda rushes into the shed to see Red reaching for Bomb's shotgun, with a zombie stuck on a plywood reaching for him, and Chuck grabbed by many zombies. Matilda will either have to save Red or Chuck, and then whichever one is chosen Matilda will get grabbed as well. If Red is chosen, he will shoot the zombie, and they will run out, forgetting to get Hal. If Chuck is chosen, Hal will rush in due to Matilda's yelling and hit the zombie with his large beak. They will then run out and the episode will end.

Episode 2: To End in DisgraceEdit

The Group heads towards a tall hill, meaning they eventually found Hal if you saved Red in the events of episode 1. Hal climbs up a broken ladder only for it to suddenly start to slip and the player must run quickly to the bell tower on the other side. Then after reassuring everyone else, Hal uses his binoculars to spot things. The player must look around the area, and Hal will suddenly spot flashlights moving towards their direction. Suddenly, there is a shout, and Hal hurries over to the other side. He notices bandits that have rounded up the rest of his group, and he will have to shoot them all quickly. Failing to do so causes a non-canonacal death. Then, the player is not given a chance to shoot the remaining bandit pig because he will loudly whistle, and then multiple bandits will rush in. Hal's group will take cover as Hal tries shooting each one but fails. Suddenly, a bandit grapples right next to Hal but just when he is about to knock him off the bell tower, he suddenly cries in disbelief as he takes off his mask. Wether you saved either Red or Chuck will cause them to be the bandit about to kill Hal. Then, Red/Chuck will call everyone to stop immeadiately. During this scene there is an easter egg of a fallen Amazing Alex poster and a Tiny Theif poster. Red/Chuck will grapple down with Hal, apologizing for his near death.

Matilda will be more optmistic and searches for supplies in a run down store. Eventually, the player will find keys to a storage room where Matilda will find The Blues hiding in much to her shock. The Blues will say they hid inside of the storage room once the apocalypse has begun and just had sent out Bubbles for help. Matilda will be extremely concerned for Bubbles and immeadiately consists on looking for him. The Blues mention that they told Bubbles to travel through the sewage system, as there were less zombies at the area. Red and Chuck insists that they go since Hal needed to rest up, Matilda was a woman, and The Blues were too young. The Blues purely protest and once Red and Chuck leave, they complain that everyone underestimates them. After talking with The Blues, Matilda will have a chance to look around the area. However, once the player goes into the storage room and back out, The Blues will have gone out due to the fact Hal was sleeping. Matilda curses aloud and grabs her gun.

Red holds the door back as many zombies try to invade inside an unstable gate. There is no way out, as they are inside of a clogged sewage pipe. The zombies break in and Red will have to fend off them. Once they are overwhelmed, they fall into the pile of sewage, and due to the fact it was full of zombie remains they smelt like zombies. Due to this, the zombies are repeled away and ignore the Red and Chuck. Red and Chuck sigh as they go into the sewage system again, only for both Red and Chuck to be knocked over by multiple bandits. Chuck gets seperated by the swift sewage water. The bandits are suddenly toppled into zombies, who devour them. A zombie crawls towards Red, who is defenseless and hopeless until Stella arrives and stabs the zombie in the head. They have no specific time to talk, so Stella lfits Red into a upper sewage pipe, jumps on, and they both run through.

Bubbles will be stuck in a pipe with a zombie trying to claw through. The player must use a certain button to allow Bubbles to expand and crush the zombie. Then, after deflating, Bubbles sees Red and Stella and jumps into Stella's backpack. The game then skips ahead to Red and Stella running into Matilda, who is just about to leave for The Blues. Bubbles suddenly pops out from Stella's backpack and is overjoyed to see Red, Stella and Matilda, but notices the Blues are not with them. Suddenly, Hal yells and attacks a zombie with his large beak, and then the Blues run back from multiple zombies. Hal yells for them to go on as he continues to attack the zombies. Bubbles must use his expanding manuever to attack all the zombies, but nevertheless the result is that Matilda will grab Bubbles and Red, Stella, Matilda and Bubbles will rush away from the undead mob. Red, Stella, Matilda, and Bubbles baracade the doors to an abandonned barn, but the zombie snouts and mouths start poking through random holes. Stella quickly pulls out her pickaxe and the player must chop off the snouts quickly. They start to panic, and Stella will quickly have to find a way out through the shed without the zombies getting to them. There is an option where the player can dig through a hole upwards, and they all climb through and run out. Then, they see a luminous shadow over in the distance, where it instantly dissappears. Then, they run back into the woods.

Hal will be fighting against the zombies but will suddenly be grabbed by one, having to slap it away. He then runs into a hospital door, leaning against the door. There will be a shovel nearby, and Hal grabs it and sticks it through the door handle. He then will have to find another way out where zombies aren't towering over it. He will have to open the elevator with an unhinger and climbs up the rope, due to the elevator not working. He then will hear crying in the distance, and walking towards it, will realize it is Blue Jay and Blue Jim. Blue Jake was bitten by one of the zombies, and was now unconscious. Hal tells them to back away before he will turn, but then Blue Jake suddenly grabs Blue Jim and bites him, and grabs Blue Jay and bites him. Hal has to shoot Blue Jake after he is grabbed by him, and both the remaining Blues will start to cry. Hal ties them to a bed pole to prevent them from reanimating, and sadly watches as Blue Jim goes unconscious, but realizes that Blue Jay is not showing any symptoms of reanimating. Hal quickly unties Blue Jay but ties Blue Jim up, as he was not immune. Then, Hal and Blue Jay leave in dismay as Blue Jim is left to reanimate.

Red is walking with Matilda, Stella, and Bubbles are walking along until they run across a zombie Bomb, realizing that Hal had shot his back, and not his brain. Then, Hal and Blue Jay run by, and Blue Jay immeadiately realizes who the figure is and yells not to kill it, as Bomb had been Blue Jay's father figure. Then, Bomb stares at Blue Jay and bites him, and Hal knocks Bomb in the head, making him unconcious. Blue Jay breathes heavily, and Red will have to patch the bite up. Red insists on preventing Blue Jay from reanimating, but Hal explains he is immune, and just at that moment Bomb wakes up as not a zombie, but a regular bird. Then, zombies start appearing in all directions and they put Blue Jay in Matilda's backpack with Bubbles and run, only to be seperated with Hal, Bomb, and Matilda, a clear cliche, as Bomb, Matilda, and Hal were unlocked in that specific order. They agree to meet at the hospital, but Hal grimaces for some aparent reason. Then, Red, Stella, Blue Jay and Bubbles run but encounter multiple zombies. Stella and Red start attacking them, but there are too many of them and are outnumbered until the figure seen in the beginning swiftly attacks all the zombies in extremely quick speed, and turns out to be Chuck. Red and Chuck hug each other due to thinking each other were dead, but Stella makes coooing and teasing noises in the background. Red explains and backs up for Chuck on what currently happened so far. Then, they are encountered by more zombies and Chuck is too tired to attack them all, so they decide to hide in an abandonned Car Repair Shop.

Chuck must quickly close the door, and then afterwards search the car shop. Once found, Chuck will find a small opening and digs through it, to reveal a building next door. Since the zombies are not aware of them being in a different room, they go to the hospital locker room, which is a long hallway leading to the hospital. They are suddenly bombarded with multiple zombies. Chuck will have to shoot away a zombie that grabs Stella. There are 4 different outcomes in which can happen.

  • Stella is shot in the back but still gains enough strength to push the zombie away.
  • The zombie is shot but Stella gets bombarded with even more zombies.
  • The zombie is only shot in the stomach and Stella finishes him off.
  • If you were extremely rude and on bad terms with Stella in the past, she will slay the zombie with her pickaxe due to the realization that you most likely won't help.

Out of all outcomes, Stella will still run away in the other hallway, and the episode ends.

Episode 3: Going AheadEdit

The remaining group set up camp in the cobalt plateaus. The player currently controls Red, who blatantly stares at the campfire. The fire suddenly starts dying out, and Red must get some. Following a dirt trail, he suddenly encounters Chef Pig, Corporal Pig, and Freckeled Pig who are armed and threaten him for supplies. Red has the option to tell the truth, lie, or be silent, but Corporal Pig shoots his harpoon at him. He misses just by the hair, and it hits the tree. Chef Pig orders Corporal Pig to stop, as they would attract more zombies. Blue Jay, having heard the noise, will sneak up on the 3 bandits. Red sees him, but the bandits don't. Blue Jay finds a sharp glass shard on the floor, and stabs Chef Pig in the head with it. The other two bandits are in shock for only a moment, and Corporal Pig chases after Red and Freckled Pig chases after Blue Jay. Red falls into the ocean and is swept away by the currents.

Meanwhile, Blue Jay must guide his way back through the zombies. There are 7 zombies and Freckled Pig to avoid, but Freckled Pig eventually hits Blue Jay in the head and repetitevely hits him, not realizing a zombie had gained on him and the zombie will eat Freckled Pig. Blue Jay runs back to the camp, Matilda will question where Red is. Blue Jay is unaware for the answer, but a zombie suddenly grabs Blue Jay and bites him. Blue Jay knocks him out with a sledgehammer, but the zombie does not turn back into a human.

Matilda will be played afterwards right after the events of Blue Jay. Matilda will question why the zombie didn't turn into a human, and at that time Blue Jay reanimates and pounces at Chuck, who will smack him with a hammer. They are unaware why Blue Jay had turned, but then even more zombies come and they all jump into the river. As zombies fall into the river, Matilda will have to dodge them, and after dodging all of them she holds onto Bubbles, Chuck, Hal, and Bomb as they are swept away. Suddenly, they go underneath the water, only to be saved by Terrence, who suddenly floats up to the surface. They ride Terrence all the way to a annonomus city. They bring along Terrence as they cross the city's bridge. Unfortunately, the entire city was enhabited by pigs and pig guards take them and bring them to King Pig, the leader of the refuge. He puts them under his control, and they had already apparently found Red and Stella. They take them to the leader of the camp, King Pig, who stare down at them in disgust. Then he asks the guards to take away Bomb, Red, and Chuck, leaving Matilda, Stella, Hal, and Bubbles. Terrence is sent to be King Pig's guard. King Pig sends them to a boarded cafe diner and shuts the door. They need to find a way out, and the player must find a hidden ventelation system in the kitchen. The four of them hop through.

Meanwhile, Bomb, Chuck, and Red are forced to do chores around the border of the city. Controling Chuck, the player must peg through wood in the wall. Suddenly, Zombies come through a weak spot and start to bombard the area. There are several weapons scattered around the area, including a shotgun with 16 ammo, a sledgehammer, and a hatchet. Chuck will have exactly 16 uses with each until he goes on to using the next weapon. He sees Bomb struggling over a zombie but Chuck is much to far away to help. He relys Bomb's aid to King Pig, who watches. If Matilda was polite and sincere to King Pig at first, King Pig will shoot away the zombie, in order to maintain his and Matilda's relationship. If Matilda was rude to King Pig, he will let Bomb get devoured. After defeating all the zombies, if King Pig did not shoot the zombie, Chuck has the chance to slap him. If King Pig did not shoot the zombie, he will blame the incident on Bomb, and will repeatively start stabbing him in the back until his body parts are spread out everywhere. Bubbles, having to witness this, inflates, destroying a large portion of the border and lets the zombies in.

Afterwards, the player will control Bubbles, who is with Chuck and Red. They enter the cafe again, to encounter Matilda, who apparently were lost to Bubbles and Hal. After explaining what had happened, Matilda loses any possible feelings she had towards King Pig, who suddenly comes in with guards. Matilda stabs at King Pig but misses, instead stabbing a hole in his crown. The minion pig guards suddenly face Matilda, preparing to kill her just as Hal comes in, trying to reach for the guard's dagger. Just then, King Pig's crown falls and Hal's precense is discovered. One of the guards attempt to then stab Matilda, who Bubbles may intercept, and the guard is instantly crushed by Bubbles. They all run for Terrence, and hop onto him. The guards attempt to shoot Terrence, but the bullets simply intercept and hit the guards instead. They plunge into the ocean and are swept away by the currents, and King Pig swears revenge against the birds.

Afterwards, Hal will be alone in the cafe, cornered by zombies. He spins, breaking the rooftop above. He hops through only to be cornered by the remaining camp people. He boomerangs into sea, to meet up with the rest of the group. The camp shoots from the distance, although missing everything. Suddenly, they see a speedboat rushing towards them. It hits Terrence, but the boat just breaks itself and sinks to the sea. They end up on the shores of a strange island, and begin looking around. They are encountered by zombies and run into the many trees. Following Matilda, the group will come across a empty spot in the middle of the woods and decide to camp there. Cutting down a large tree with tons of the player's effort, Hal makes a border to make it harder for the zombies to get in. As Red keeps watch, Hal falls asleep.

Meanwhile, the player controls a new character, Professor Pig, who is doing multiple expirements for a cure. While making a potion, a bug hops in, ruining the effect and Professor Pig runs out of the lab just before it explodes. The loud noise had attracted zombies, and Professor Pig runs into the deeper woods, causing the player to realize that Professor Pig is on the same island as the birds. After dodging multiple zombies, Professor Pig finds the birds and asks them to help him. Chuck denys, mistrusting Professor Pig. He then shoots but misses, and causes much havoc in the whole woods. Zombies try getting in, and Professor Pig pulls out three diffrent potions, one is a noise attracter to attract zombies to one area. The other is a gernade potion, specifically designed to stick to multiple targets to whom it makes contact with and explode. The other turns zombies to humans, but the Professor does not realize it yet. It can be used in any possible order, but once he uses the human potion, 3 zombies turn back to pigs and are eaten again anyway. Professor Pig and the birds witness the discovery and the group instantly lets them in. Proffesor Pig says that he may be able to salvage some of the substances used from his labratory to create more of the antitode but he needs their help. The group decides who helps or not depending on actions in the past. The episode ends.

Episode 4: Golden IslandEdit

The episode begins with Poppy, waking up from her bed in the very begining of the apocalypse. On her treehouse, she can inspect certain objects. Once Poppy chooses to look down, she sees a entire hoarde of zombies, trying to climb up the tree. One zombie gets up, and Poppy must choose an object in her room to kill it with. She ends up grabbing her drumbstick and shoves it against the zombie's brain, which only knocks him backwards. As Poppy is overcrowded, she uses her tornado ability to tear through the entire herd. It knocks down most of the zombies and sends Poppy flying towards the woods where Willow, Luca, Dahlia, and Stella had planned to meet her. However, Stella is not present. After talking for a bit, zombies come in and corner them, until Gale commands her army to kill all the zombies. The pigs fail and more and more zombies are reproduced. So the Stella Characters all use their abilities to kill the zombie pigs. Then, the game speeds up 2 years later, revealing the event was a flashback. The Poppy and Willow quietly discuss on how to rescue Luca and Dahlia, who have seemed to be kidnapped by bandits. Then it reveals that Poppy and Willow are hiding in the trunk of the car while it is being droven while the bandits don't know. They discuss using their abilities to knock the entire car down, but Willow protests, saying that it may harm or kill Luca and Dahlia. Suddenly, they hear screeching made by Luca, and feel electricity flowing by Dahlia. Then, Willow and Poppy bust the car trunk open, only to find out Luca had only screamed by being electrocuted with a tasor and they had bust it open at the wrong time. The car drives away without them, and the screen goes dark.

Then, the player plays Dahlia, who is hiding a vial of zombie blood. One of the bandits has a gushing wound, and the player must stick the vial inside the wound. Once this is done, the bandit suddenly reaches for Luca but Luca shrieks, causing the driving bandit to swerve its car and the zombie is flung to the front of the car. The bandit cries for help, and Dahlia finds a screwdriver on the floor. Dahlia is given the choice, kill the zombie and save the bandit, or leave the bandit to the zombie. If the bandit is left to die, Gale suddenly appears and kills both the zombie and the bandit. If the bandit is spared, Gale kills the zombie and scolds the bandit, revealing that the bandit is Gale's servant. Gale then orders Dahlia and Luca to get out of the car. She ties them to a pole and if the bandit was spared, Gale kills him and spreads his guts around the pole to attract zombies. If the bandit wasn't spared, Gale will use leftover guts to attract zombies. Soon, zombies begin to appear in all directions. Dahlia uses her "science-fu" ability to snap through the rope, freeing both Dahlia and Luca. They see a telephone box all the way at the top of the pole and they climb up there before they get eaten. The zombies swarm over the pole, trying to get up. Dahlia sees wires connecting to another pole, so Dahlia and Luca cross it. Halfway across, one of the wires snap, causing them to balance over one wire. They rush to the other pole just before the first one is knocked over, crushing a large majoriy of the zombies. Dahlia and Luca take the advantage and jump down, running into the woods. They run into more bandits, and Poppy and Willow suddenly show up, Poppy throws a rock at one of them and warns Dahlia and Luca to run. The four are all seperated.

Luca sees Dahlia struggling with a bandit. She pushes the bandit forward, who is then grabbed and devoured by a zombie. Then, Dahlia runs over to one of the bandit's trucks and grabs a gun, and starts shooting zombies nearby her. Luca then notices a dead bandit right next to him. He quickly grabs the shotgun that the bandit was holding, only for the bandit to reanimate. Then, Luca must struggle to push the zombie away. Once doing so, he must grab the shotgun and shoot the zombies. (He only has 15 rounds) Once running out of ammo, Luca will suddenly encounter a large zombie, who attempts devouring him only to be shot and killed by Willow. Willow then gets into one of the trucks that has Poppy and Dahlia inside. She yells at Luca to follow, but right then zombies bombard the truck and Willow is forced to drive away. Luca, upset, kills the final zombie before leaning against a tree and mourning over the event. He then hears some noises nearby and discovers a bandit impaled to the ground by a large pole. Luca can decide to either let the bandit suffer for causing the 4 to be seperated or end the bandit's misery. Afterwards, the player is given a chance to scout the area. The player is not allowed to continue until finding a backpack with supplies and essentials to survive. Then, Luca leaves. The game zooms forward to where Luca walks at the shore of Golden Island. He finds a small boat with 2 bodies on it, both dead. After the player pushes them off, Luca can climb onto the boat. The game then zooms forward again to where Luca reaches land. Luca looks up, revealing that he has arrived to Piggy Island. He walks through the forest, and then squints into the distance. Depending on who followed Professor Pig or not will determine how many birds in the distance he will see near the fire.

The player will then control Willow, who is driving the car holding Poppy and Dahlia. She swerves past a few zombies, but one grabs a hold of the wheel of the car, causing it to swerve around. Everyone slams to the right, including Willow, who is driving. The player must regain strength by repeatedly pressing a button. Nevertheless, the minute she gains strength the episode ends.

Episode 5: Cure? Edit

The episode begins with the player playing Luca. He is still looking at the figures in the distance. He pulls out a gun from his bag of supplies. He sneaks up and looks to see who is there. Hal is the only one there, as he will not leave no matter what choice is made. He catches eye of Luca, who instantly drops down the bush he is hiding. Hal will claim that he sees Luca, and that he should come out. Luca has the choice to run away or confront Hal; if he runs away, he will encounter a zompig, which Hal helps Luca by killing it. If Luca confronts Hal, he will explain his story and reveal that he knew Stella. Hal will help Luca; and then the zombie will appear. Afterwards, Hal explains that the rest of his group is with Professor Pig. (Matilda will be the only one who goes regardless of choice) They hear a scream and a cry for help; and Hal's group runs towards the direction. They see Matilda struggling with a zombie and the rest of the group in a net. Professor Pig is nowhere to be seen and Bandit Pigs are surrounding them. Hal jumps to the middle and stabs the zombie. A bandit sneaks up behind him but Hal turns around quickly, knocking the bandit into a zombie and ultimately being devoured. Luca catches the eye of a wooden plank on the floor. He grabs it and looks around; only to find out he is surrounded by zombies. After the player fights all of them off, Luca turns around and sees another zombie. He opens his mouth to devour Luca until the tip of a knife is seen. The zombie is ripped in half to reveal Stella standing behind it. Luca stares at Stella, and is given the option to react of how the player chooses. Hal snaps the cord of the net off and the birds are freed. They stare in Stella in awe, as she begins her story.

The player will next play Stella as a flashback in the car shop. Stella is surrounded by zombies, so she pulls her gun out and starts shooting at them. She is outnumbered, and is forced to find a way out. The player's only correct option is for Stella to throw her gun up at a loose brick on the ceiling. The ceiling gives way, and the stone crushes all the zombies. She rushes back to the area she got separated, but Red and Chuck are gone. Stella rushes out of the car shop to see 2 figures in the distance. She runs towards them, but encounters zombies. She uses an ax to dispose of them, and the zombie guts get all over her. She runs towards the other zombies; but they do not attack her. She yells for her friends, but they do not answer. She feels hopeless until she sees smoke in the distance. The game speeds forward to Stella finding a fortified camp, and the flashback ends.

Red, Chuck, Stella, Luca, and Hal are on a supply run. Red is in the back of a truck with Chuck, Hal is driving and Stella is the passenger seat. Luca is in between Red and Chuck. Stella and Chuck begin to have an argument on whether or not to keep Luca in the group, and Red can interfere. If Red doesn't interfere or chooses to leave Luca, Stella will choose Luca over the rest of the group. They leave, and Hal watches in horror. He is in shock and questions what they became, and leaves the truck to get them back. However, Red and Chuck stay and lookout. A zompig soon jumps out at Hal, biting the tip of his beak. Hal shoots him off, and more zombies begin to surround him. He sees Stella and Luca out in the distance, who begin to shoot the other zombies off. Red, Stella, Luca and Chuck rush to him afterwards, only to reveal he was also bit in the torso. After a long conversation with the group, he dies from the infection and Red must finish him off. Luca and Stella is heard crying in the background, and Chuck is shocked. Hal dies.


  • -overall-
  • Numerous amounts of zombies
  • Numerous amounts of bandits
  • -episode 1-
  • Bomb - Run over by the pickup truck, accidentally killed by Red. Later revived by Blue Jay.
  • -episode 2-
  • Blue Jake, bitten by zombie.
  • Blue Jim, bitten by Blue Jake.
  • -episode 3-
  • Corporal Pig - Stabbed with a glass shard by Blue Jay.
  • Freckled Pig - Devoured by a zombie.
  • Blue Jay - Bitten by zombie, hit in the head by Chuck.
  • Bomb - Eaten by zombie or stabbed by King Pig.
  • Numerous amounts of guards.
  • Hal - Bitten twice, killed by Red after death to prevent reanimation.


  • Episode 2 is the longest episode.
  • Episode 3 has the most deaths.
  • Hal, Bubbles, and Matilda were originally supposed to die in Episode 3 but for some reason were cut out.
  • There are to be 10 episodes in total.
  • None of the original characters appear in Episode 4.
    • Stella is mentioned, however.
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