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Zombiefied Birds
Release Date: October 27, 2012
Developer(s): The Boomerang
Publishers: The Boomerang
Platforms: Playstation, Wii, Xbox, any touchscreen phone.
Ratings: M (Mature)
Genre: Horror, Action, Puzzle

Zombiefied Birds is an Angry Birds horror game that is nothing like the original game. It is a one player puzzle game.

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This is the game summary

Story 1[]

Story 1 is controled by the Birds.

Season 1[]

Episode One: The Apocalypse[]

Boomerang Bird is beating up a Pig when he hears a brutal explosion. Bomb was found dead, and he turned into a zombie. Boomerand Bird meets Yellow Bird, franticlly dodging around the zombie birds and pigs. They go to a empty hotel, and find the Blue Birds, Bubbles, Terence, and Matilda hiding in one of the rooms. Suddenlly, Terence and Matilda are attacked by the zombie Birds and Pigs. You must save one of them. If you save Terence, Matilda dies. If you save Matilda, Terrence will destroy the zombies, crushing them in his weight. The best option is to save Matilda first. They then will hear a scream, and find out King Pig was hiding in one of the rooms. You can choose to let him follow your group or leave him. The group is then attacked by a wave of zombie birds and pigs. They hide on top of the roof. Suddenlly, everything blacks out.

Episode 2: One Must Die[]

As they escape the hotel, King Pig betrays them and leaves them in a private jet. Matilda is attacked and eaten, and they run away. They see Stella (pink bird) being attacked. When they free her, she says she knows where there is lots of food. When they rush back to the empty hotel, they see Matilda's corpse. Then they realize pigs are bacon, ham, (etc) and hunt for piggys to survive. They make a plan but there are no pigs left at all. Three months later, they are all starved. But then a enormous shadow covers over them. The mighty eagle. They all scream and run away. Bubbles sees a jeep and Al and Bubbles start driving it. You must save the birds one by one, and the last one you don't save dies. An easy suggestion is leave one of the blues, and one of the blues will split into two on the jeep. Then they go down the endless road.

Episode Three: Death From Thirst[]

As they drive down the road, they are all hungry. Bubbles is dehydrated, and has a sickness. (DEPRESSING PART) One day, they have to shoot Bubbles to prevent him from turning him into a zombie. You can hand the gun to somebody else or do it yourself. (END OF DEPRESSING PART)Suddenlly, they see a zombie pig fly in front of them. You have to shoot him fast or he lands on somebody. If he lands on Terrence you are lucky, because Terrence will crush him. As they keep driving on the road, they see Red Bird (Red) hiding in a abandonned cellar. He says he knows where everybody can be safe and sound. In an abanndonned music station/

Episode 4:The Return Of the King Pig[]

As they go to the abandonned music station, they are suddenlly trapped. They see red bird go out of the cage and make an evil grin. Suddenlly, they realize that it is KING PIG! And red bird, is, somewhere... don't ask me, ok!?? You have the option to talk to king pig or try to get free from the cage. Suddenlly, Terrence bashes the cage and frees them. King Pig starts to run away but the birds capture him, until he presses a button and releases a horde of zombies. They get horiffied when they see two of the corpses as Bomb and Matilda. As they get cornered, they see king pig running away in the private jet again. Suddenlly, Chuck speeds over to a switch, flipping it downward. A metal hunk falls on all the zombies. Except for two of them... Bomb and Matilda. Then, king pig falls on the burning flames of the cylinder. A smell of ham rose into the air. Bomb and Matilda suddenlly rose up, and they were recovered! Realizing the cure, they got king pig's body and went to save the world.

Episode 5:The Current and Alive[]

As they unzombify the birds and sadly, the pigs, a mountain of zombies start to come their way.


Red: We're all going to die!!!

Blue Jake: Shut up, shut up, shut up!!!

Al: Why not use the slingshot?

Matilda: And risk our lives???

Bomb: Or, we can throw other things.

Chuck: Like,?

Bomb: Bombs.

You must use bombs to keep away the zombies. Suddenlly, any character is caught by a zombie. You can choose to save that character or keep throwing bombs.

After a while, you will run out of bombs. All the survivors will start to run away. You must press certain keys (depending on the console) to run away. One mistake will be fatal to your progress. In this particular part, if you die you cannot restart. You just control another character. They meet apon a abanndoned shack and hide there. Suddenlly, a horrible event happens and everyone dies except for your character. You travel back in time when the apocalypes started to stop the events from happening and save the universe. You see that people are dumping toxic waste infecting the air. You have 10 minutes to destroy three barrels of toxic waste. Depending on how many barrels you dump, you will get a different ending.

Good Ending

You come home to see bright sunshine and your fellow birds looking at you. Everything is back to normal, and peace comes to world.

How to recieve the ending: throw out all toxic barrels in time.

Bad Ending It is dark and rainy. You go back to the old shack and see to be horrified that all your friends are eaten. Then you turn around and get eaten up by a pig zombie.

How to recieve the ending: Miss 1,2 or 3 toxic barrels.

Season 2[]

Season 2 of Zombified Birds is called a Porky Diversion.

Death in a count of 3[]

As the sunny days pass, a group of birds are working to clean the lake. They see the toxic barells. Thinking it will harm the animals, they take them to the dump. One of them drop and land hard on the pavement, sending the nasty aroma into the skies. The apocalypes begins again.

The Birds gather up. Boomerang and Bomb go in the pharmacy to collect food. Zombies burst in, and they run away. The player must dodge through obstacles to escape the store. You keep running until you get cornered to a wall with the other birds.

Birds and pigs walk down to corner the birds. For this part, you can switch birds.

Red: Uses hatchet to slice pigs up.

Blue Jay, Blue Jake, and Blue Jim:Split into three and shoot with pistols.

Chuck: Tears zombies apart with a chain.

Bomb and Matilda: Bomb holds Matilda and uses her egg bombs as a rocket launcher.

Boomerang: Whacks zombies with his beak.

Terrence:Crushes zombies in his weight.

Bubbles: Balloons up to send zombies flying.

Stella: Uses a bubble wand.

You keep fighting until you see shooting all around you. Zombies get knocked out everywhere. Somebody shouts, RUN! Everyone flees.

The Sunny Days[]

Desprate for shelter, the group runs. Stella, unable to follow as fast, gets eaten by the zombies chasing them. Suddenlly,  one of the Blues fall down onto a peice of wood below. His two brothers, terrified, jump down along as well. Matilda, unable to leave her children, drops down to them. As the remaining group hides in a abandonned cellar. After a while, Red will confess he was the one to that he was the one that spilled the toxic barrels. Bomb, unable to control his anger, pounces on Red and explodes. As Boomerang,  Terrence, Bubbles and Chuck walk along the sidewalk, A group of zombies start heading their way. Chuck, thinking life is hopeless, tells the others to go so he can stop the zombies for awhile. Having the choice to agree or disagree, the answer is always the same. Tearfully escaping the city, the group of three run off to return civilization.

Let Me Eat You[]

Running off from the city, Terrence sees a group of shadows in the distance. Running to them, they turn into figures of Matilda and the Blues. After talking for a while, the group of zombies seen in the previous episode go their way. Running and thinking of a plan, they go up a hill and roll down a boulder.(You have to repeatively tapp buttons to do this.) As they continue on, King Pig comes in his infamous private jet and releases groups and proups of zombies. They run up a ladder, and break it to prevent anyone from coming up. Soon discussing things, they choose to kill King Pig finally and forever.

You Don't See Me[]

Walking around the roof, they see a motor. They turn it on, throw it, and make a run for it as fast as they can. The zombies go to the noise, and the group goes to a store called Bad Piggies Stuff. The guy on the counter turns around and they see... KING PIG! He locks the birds in a cellar and kidnapps Matilda for eggs. Trying to escape, Bubbles inflates and breaks the door. They run, and see King Pig examining a egg. Al pulls out his shotgun, but then zombies break through the door. Al, Bubbles, and Matilda run to the left. The others run to the right. The group hides in a closet. When you go out, the place will be infested with zombies. You have to find the rest of the group without making noise.

Stay With Me[]

The Birds eventually find each other. Going around the house, you will finally find King Pig. He releases 3 groups of zombies, each at a time. After you kill the zombies, the survivors go on the road. In the RV, you start talking. You have 3 choices to say about King Pig.

1.He's DEAD.

2.I think it's fine.

3.There must be a reason for it...

Each choice will effect your relationships with the birds. After talking, they stare at the endless road. Suddenlly, there's a crash and the RV tumbles over...

Season 3[]

Season Three is called Hiding in the Woods. This is the last season of story 1.

Into the Cabins[]

The birds tumble out of the RV. They see a sillhoute in the distance. They run towards it, screaming for help. The figure then speeds off. The birds follow the figure's direction, leading them to a cabin. Then they go in and see...


The birds go inside only to see Chuck and Stella in the cabin. Chuck says that he was running away and found Stella near the zombies they ran into in town. They hear the door open behind them, and a yound zombie comes in, which looks just like Bubbles. It bites Matilda, and just lays down for a moment, until he rises up again as a regular bird.

After talking about what just happened, they realize Matilda has the cure, due to the fact that she is the opposite of everyone else. So after some blood samples, they get the antitode and Chuck fixes the RV. Then they get in and go furthur into the woods.

A Chomp with Dessert[]

Al walks into a room, but sees a picture of someone. It's King Pig, and it was his RV, and he was going to get revenge for stealing the RV and it's supplies. Then Al realizes that Red had never could have spilled the toxic waste, due to the fact that he had been with the group during the whole time, so Al was given the option to still think he was the traitor, it was King Pig, or nobody had done it.

After controling Al in the begining of the episode, you will control Chuck. There were 5 toxic spills, and you had 5 minutes to get rid of them all while Chuck had an oxegyn tank, or else he dies. If you manage to get rid of the toxic spills, then you come back to the group, and you are given the option to hide the evidence or reveal the evidence. If Chuck gets killed, then you are not given the option and it will remain a mystery.

After controling Chuck, you will control Bubbles. You are given a ball by Matilda, but you are also warned not to go by the edge of the hill. Bubbles will go anyway, and falls into the river. You have 3 minutes to get out, and if you don't make it, Bubbles will die with the options of being eaten, drowning, or being to scared. If you manage to get out, you will see a toxic barrel. You are given the option to hide the barrel due to not listening to Matilda, or show it.

The Rekoning in the Cabin[]

Stella is playing ball with Bubbles when the ball goes too far, and Stella goes to catch it. Blue Jay talks about how the Blues saw the river where Bubbles saw the toxic barrel, and if you did not say anything with Bubbles about the toxic waste, he will be forced to go back to Matilda. They hear footsteps (don't ask me how) and hide in a bush. After a while, Stella will be given the option to say it is okay to get out or stay. If you stay, it just gets dark and you will have to continue the game like that. If you say it's okay to get out, nothing will effect the game, except the time of day. They see a camping group of 5 pigs. They turn out to be hunting bandits, and they turn around and see the 5 birds, get their shotguns out, and chase after them.

After controling Stella, you control Blue Jay. You have to press a button really quick, and the quicker you press the buttons, the quicker you run. All the Blues, Bubbles (determanint), and Stella run towards their group, see Terrence, and hide behind him. Terrence scares the pigs away, and there is a shotgun shot. One of the pigs are bleeding, and in front of them was Red and Bomb. After talking, Bomb says one of the Bombs in the Cellar exploded, and both of them had been knocked out. Then Red had said he lied, and actually had never stole anything, and just wanted to end the mystery. He also called himself stupid, which was hypocritical. Bomb turned out to be married to Matilda, and when she was lost, his head tail started to smoke, starting the explosion. Blue Jay has the option to yell at Bomb for not controling his anger, hug him, or cry. Bomb will be either angry, sad, or relieved by the options.

No Escaping Involved[]

Now that they gathered the whole group, Bomb decides that going back to the city would be the best choice. They find a empty mansion and decide to stay there. Then, Bomb goes into the attic. There is a hidden photo of King Pig underneath the table, and you cannot leave until you find it. After Bomb finds it, he can hide the photo or show it to the rest of the group. For any choice, Red will go into the attic and find Bomb. Then, Bomb will be forced to tell Red about the photo, and depending on how you treat Red throughout the game, he wil either tell the others or keep it a secret.

After controlling Bomb, you will control Bubbles. Bubbles goes outside with The Blues and Stella, and they will find a ball and play with it. After throwing the ball, Blue Jay accidently throws a ball at one of the windows, and they hear a pig's squeal. Going into the room, they see a baby pig in the room and they will decide to kill it or keep it. Stella eventually decides to put it in a cage and they leave the room.

No Corner To Turn To[]

You control as Al in the begginning of the episode. As the group decides to leave the mansion, Stella votes against it. She makes a mistake by telling them that the baby pig was in the secret room, so the flock went to the room, but it turned out to be a torture chamber, and the baby pig turned into a gigantic monster. King Pig can be seen peering through the window, and as you keep dodging the attacks, you will get closer to King Pig. Then, from the right distance, Al can climb up the ladder and break the glass protecting King Pig. He will fall through the Mansion's wooden floor, revealing the third story of the house. Then, the birds jump in right before zompig blocks the opening. Then, you must find a way to escape the third floor before the zompig crashes in.

After Al, you control Chuck. There are three ways to escape the third floor. 1. Chuck finds a loose wooden peg on the floor, and pulls at it, revealing a lock. There is a key to the lock, and if you find it, you are able to go through the room. 2. There is a chainsaw in the safe by the right corner. You can get in to it by breaking it with your chain. Then, Use the chainsaw to rip open the door, and run out. 3. jump out the window. 3 will result in dying, but 1 and 2 will lead to the second floor, in which only Bomb makes it through. The rest of the flock manage to escape through the hall.

Bomb will battle King Pig, and when he finally dies, the whole ceiling will colapse, with King Pig's reanimated body and Bomb. Bomb then explodes in order to kill zombie King Pig, and will be buried under the rubbish. Made by the choices made, Bomb will say it was his time and die, (death), or try to escape. (survive) 

After you control Bomb, you control Terrence. Terrence will bash through the hall for the group, and then meat Bomb. (optional) As the full flock trudges through the hall, zompig appears and roars. Terrence then must protect the group, and there will be a blinding flash, and Frekeled Pig will appear and save them with his biplane. Then, they return to Piggy Island before full destruction of the town.

+ End of Story 1+[]

Story 2[]

Story 2 is came out July 9th,, and will be controled by pigs.


As things calm down, you will control Frekeled Pig and steer the plane. You must steer correctly or the plane will crash, dividing the story into two peices.


Frekeled Pig will have to swim out, but Matilda will die.


You will land but find out Piggy Island, too is infested with zombies. 

The Flock and Frekeled Pig run to Proffeser Pig's office, but Frekeled Pig must walk the right direction and keep a good eye on the birds, or else some of them will get lost. (One of the Blues, Bubbles, and Matilda (optional)). There are three paths. Proffeser Pig , King Pig, or Helmet Pig's army. Only one will end in succecful events. If you decided to not get rid of a toxic barrel in story one, Helmet Pig's army will be zombies and will result in dying. If you do not save Bomb, then he will be found eating Proffeser Pig. King Pig's palace, however, results in automatic dying as Chef Pig, who is a cannabal, will cook the Flock an Frekeled Pig. If you do things right and go to Proffeser Pig, then he will grant you a rocket and enough food to survive and go to space, but they will have to go back soon with a accecible cure from space, a material called Abedoneium, a substance that can revive anything found in deep space. If you do things right but go to Helmet Pig's army, he will force you to join his army.

The Weightless Journey[]

The story parts in two seprate begginings.

Helmet Pig's Army[]

As Frekeled Pig trudges with the other troops and the caged birds in the dark deep forest. The Birds then break the cage and kill the troops. Frekeled Pig must try to convince the birds that it was a mistake, but depending on how you played the birds, it will vary on who will trust and follow Frekeled Pig. Then they see a lumbering shadow walking towards them but it is only Proffeser, then the story continues the same exact way (except for the amount of birds).

They blast off into a strange, disturbing planet but crash onto the grasping atmosphere that absorbs the oxegyn. There is only a few seconds the save everyone.

The Blues: Can only manage for 8 seconds.

Red: Can only manage for 15 seconds.

Chuck, Bomb, and Hal: Can only manage for 20 seconds.

Matilda, Stella, and Bubbles: Can only manage for 25 seconds.

Terrence: Wether how long it takes, nevertheless, Terrence will not suffocate.

They make a crashing impact. The last three people who had been given oxegyn packs will be floating at the end and they will die. The rest open the door and look for abedonium with a tracking signal. Once it is found, the Remaining survivours rocket back to earth, but land in the ocean.

Worse Interferes []

The ocean is full of deadly animals, so you have to avoid them and swim to the shore. The planet is rocky and hard. The freckled pig must jump around to look for the cure. The abedonium is found under the large crater full of ice. There is many of it, so you must pick-axe it for it to break and fall. Once you get it, you see unknown crazy monsters and you have to run. You have a limited amount of energy, so you must conserve your running speed. Once you get on, strap yourself and the birds to the seat and zoom back to Earth. The planet's time passed extremely slowly, so when they got back 10 months had already passed, and it was the wintertime. They went to Professer Pig's lab to find out he had hung himself on a noose. He had written a letter. It is optional to read it or not, but reading it will give some information.

This is what the letter will say:

To whomever reads this, 

I cannot take the madness. The zombies have evolved before us, and they are 5 times as quicker and stronger. The flock I sent to space has not come back for nearly a year now, and I have lost hope of everything that matters to me. I belive there is no salvation left for the earth.

If you did happen to read this, the abedonium must be crushed and churned into a liquid in order for it to work. You must pour it into a spray can, and whomever gets sprayed by it will become alive again, no matter what condition he/she is in.

I have hung myself because yes, I lost hope, but to see if it works. If you do have the abedonium, use it and spray it on me.

After you read the letter, you must turn the abedonium into a liquid. You must do it exactly how the letter says, or the lab will explode, light on fire, or fill with poisinous gases. Once you pour it into the spray cans, take one and spray it on Professer Pig. He will start flailing. Untie him quickly, and he will grant you a helicopter to spray it around the world because riding a car would be to slow or dangerous. Because the world is so large, it was turned into a cutscene. The zombies returned back to normal, but it meant King Pig would become alive again. King Pig then starts to pour even more toxic barrels.

Bye Old Friend[]

Bye Old Friend is the final chapter of Zombiefied Birds. Most likely, it will resonate into the sequel "teaser". The episode is extremely short. 

Toxic Barrels fly everwhere. Everyone flees and splits apart. Freckeld Pig looks around, but sees King Pig. He runs but a barrel frys him to death and he turns into a zombie. Chaos strikes everywhere, and the scene cuts.

Red and Chuck's Ending

As King Pig flies over Piggy Island, Red and Chuck keep trudging through the cornfields. They have grim looks, then they see a flashlight so they run the other way.

The Blue's Ending

The Blues made it to the outskirts of Piggy Island. The Blues then see a pig coming closer to them. He tries to talk them into following him into a safe refuge. He promises that he will not abandon them, and the Blues cave in and follow him.

Bubble's Ending

Rain falling on Bubbles, he makes a saddened face at the last remaining house on Piggy Island. Then the lights in the house turn on, and he perks up and goes in.

Bomb and Matilda's Ending

Using a plane to escape, they fly out of the city just before the toxic barrel fell on them and flew in the northwest direction.

Terrence and Stella's Ending

Terrence and Stella run from intruders. Stella trips and falls but Terrence doesn't know, he keeps going. Then the screen turns black and a gunshot is heard.

Hal's Ending

Narrator: As Hal, all by himself trudged through the helpless crowd of zombies, he spotted a truck and went inside it. Zombies panging on the glass, he saw the key on the ground, picked it up, and drove out.

After he flees the city, Hal will vow to look for his friends and he keeps driving at nothing. Completely nothing.


Made and Developed by The Boomerang




Blue Jay, Jake, and Jim



King Pig





Helmet Pig

Chef Pig

Freckeld Pig

Professer Pig


Special Thanks to:

ABP or Link the Hero of Time, and Qaz (QazQaz555)


The teaser shows flashing pictures of Red, Chuck, and Matilda, and in the background, zombies. Possibly indicating a future sequel.


The game depends on your answers.