Zombies At The Midnight Clock is the last Demons Among Us episode and is bought with money. It was supposed to include a completely different storyline, but the author decided to "Keep with the story". It takes place right after the last episode.


As Hal and Bomb are walking around the refuge, they spot an intruder outside the gates. As they go up to shoot him, he stabs Bomb, killing him. Then, Hal will throw him into the ground, and he will run. He hides in a cabin, and then Hal will enter. He then finds Blue Jay, Jake, and Jim dead. Then the intruder comes up from behind Hal, attempting to stab him. Then the player must try to dodge, and if the player does, then his knife will get stuck on one of the Blues, and as he is attempting to take it out the Blue's insides will spill out. He then will tackle Hal, and Hal will push the pig off and run away from him. He then bumps into Matilda/Chuck, who falls. She will then be shot in the head by a bandit, who is part of the intruder's group. He then runs inside a cabin to find Red loading a shotgun, who has already noticed the gunshots and kills. He willl tell Hal to stall the intruders as he loads his gun. He jumps out the window, and then the door is kicked open by 3 bandits. They are all armed and are about to shoot Hal until Terrence crushes the three of them. Then, Terrence and Hal go outside to help, and Stella is being cornered by intruder, and then is kidnapped by him alongside with Bubbles. As the entire camp goes to hell, intruder is shot by Red, who then goes into a minivan, and Stella, Bubbles, Terrence, and Hal enter, leaving the camp behind with both Toby and Don, who are cursing and shreiking at them. 

After the incident.Edit

Toby and Don are eaten by a zombie Bomb. Matilda/Chuck, undead, are later shot by scavengers. The Blues are the only ones who are buried in a grave by christain travelers. The minivan, crashes and explodes, and only Bubbles, Hal, and Red make it out alive. Then the credits roll.

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